#49 Rename CLI, PyPI package, and Python import module
Closed 2 years ago Opened 2 years ago by ncoghlan.

There are existing "modularity" and "modtools" projects on PyPI that have nothing to do with Fedora modularity:

So I propose we rename this project to fedmod, in line with the naming used for fedmsg and fedpkg.

This would be used as the name of the Python import module and the PyPI package, and the CLI would also be called fedmod, but migrated to a setuptools entry point script, so the script name won't collide with the Python import package name in the source repo.

It turns out the setup.py name is also problematic, since there's an existing modtools package on PyPI as well: https://pypi.python.org/pypi/modtools

Perhaps the whole utility should be renamed to fedmod, ala fedmsg and fedpkg?

Thoughts, @asamalik @langdon @nphilipp?

I've updated the issue title and description to reflect the changed proposal (and withdrawn my original idea of modulemdtools)

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2 years ago

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