#76 Proposal: restructure module developer guide
Closed: Fixed 2 years ago Opened 2 years ago by ncoghlan.

The module building section of the modularity docs is currently just a high level table of contents with no form of narrative to tie the pieces together: https://docs.pagure.org/modularity/development/building-modules.html

I'm thinking we should restructure that section as follows:

  • Why define a module? (Explain that it allows you to branch in dist-git based on compatibility expectations, rather than being tied to the Fedora release cadence, with a default stream then being set in the System Profile for each new Fedora release)
  • Naming modules & streams (the link to the formal name formatting policy would be linked from here as a subpage)
  • Defining modules in modulemd (as now, but with a new subsection covering fedmod)
  • Adding modules to Fedora (as now)
  • Building modules in Fedora (specifically covering building with fedpkg)
  • Testing modules in Fedora (expanded to also cover interactive testing with the Boltron Bikeshed image and the ./LOCAL.sh script)

/cc @langdon @asamalik @james @nphilipp

Related issue regarding stream naming conventions: https://pagure.io/modularity/issue/75

@langdon is currently working on improved naming policy guidelines - once they're ready, we can incorporate them into the docs here.

I've created https://pagure.io/modularity/issue/81 to cover updating the testing page.

I like the structure - that's basically the state I'm going forward to.

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2 years ago

Bringing @igulina's comment from https://pagure.io/modularity/issue/86#comment-479090 over here: we may want to reconsider the level of the "Testing" page, and elevate it to be on the same level as "Building", rather than having it as a subsection.

Rationale for such a change:

  • it assumes that the module already builds
  • it covers more than just module testing

This is very old. We have a new documentation on the Fedora Docs site covering module creation: https://docs.fedoraproject.org/fedora-project/subprojects/fesco/en-US/making-modules/adding-new-modules.html

I'm closing this.

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2 years ago

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