mlocate is a locate/updatedb implementation.  The 'm' stands for "merging":
updatedb reuses the existing database to avoid rereading most of the file
system, which makes updatedb faster and does not trash the system caches as

The locate(1) utility is intended to be completely compatible to slocate.  It
also attempts to be compatible to GNU locate, when it does not conflict with
slocate compatibility.

New releases will be available at .

Before installation it is necessary to create a group called "mlocate" to allow
hiding the contents of the database from users.

When updatedb is run by root, the database contains names of files of all
users, but only members of the "mlocate" group may access it.  "locate" is
installed set-GID "mlocate", no other program should need to run with this GID.

mlocate should be portable to all SUSv3-compliant UNIXes, although it is
currently tested only on recent Linux distributions.

Please consider reporting the bug to your distribution's bug tracking system.

Otherwise, report bugs at .  Pull requests are
especially welcome.

Translations can be contributed through .