#25 a way to dump the database to a file
Closed: Invalid None Opened 8 years ago by pabs.

It would be nice if there were a way to dump the database to a file. There are several use-cases for this, mostly related to the scenario where one is restoring from a backup.

Thanks for your report. A simple dump can be done by
locate /
(... well, also using -0 and storing the output in a way that handles newlines and other problematic characters.)

Is that sufficient? What kind of dump do you need ''exactly''? It's not obvious to me how it is related to restoring from a backup (the backup must already have its own metadata). In addition to names, the database also contains one timestamp (only for directories) and a directory/non-directory flag; I'm not sure how useful it would be to dump these as well.

Closed due to lack of response. Please reopen at pagure.io if this is still relevant.

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