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Hello. My name is Dragoş and I'd like to join the Minimization Team because I'd like to improve the current situation of how some Fedora packages manage dependencies. Currently, some packages have hard dependency on some packages that may be otherwise perceived optional by the user, and not needed for their system(for example, lightdm drags deepin when installed separately, which may not be needed for say, openbox systems).
I could help packages and packagers by making (unofficial) reviews on new packages regarding the dependencies or compile flags, help current packagers with minimising packages, document what and whatnot to be considered as a hard dependency and necessary by the program etc.
IMO these would greatly help Fedora gain more users, and would make a better use of the RPM's features regarding dependencies.

Hi Dragoş! That all sounds are great and I'm glad to have you here. Welcome!

Thank you @asamalik! Glad to be here.

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