#7 Fedora IoT Minimization
Opened 11 months ago by tdawson. Modified 11 months ago

It would be good to trim down the image size(s) of Fedora IoT.
This ticket is to help track that effort.

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11 months ago

Currently IoT uses initial-setup which pulls in anaconda-core.
anaconda-core in turn pulls in flatpak-libs and it's dependencies.

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- Issue untagged with: Use Case Analysis

11 months ago

DIscussion about removing flatpak-libs from anaconda-core can be found here.
End result is that flatpak-libs is needed in anaconda-core.

I tracked down some of flatpak-libs dependencies, to see if we could trim anything from that. I thought I had a package, gsettings-desktop-schemas. Turns out this is needed, got gsettings, has no graphics. but is slightly large (4M) due to all the languages it might install on.

Metadata Update from @asamalik:
- Issue tagged with: FA: Use Case Analysis

11 months ago

Another large package that might be able to remove is mozjs60. It's 25-30M (depending on arch) and is pulled in for polkit.

IoT 32 (rawhide) currently has ignition in it now rather than initial-setup. It doesn't pull everything in, but also user creation is not there.

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