#26 Installing without some dependencies
Opened 2 years ago by davidsch. Modified 2 years ago

rpm-showme is great and allowed me to find what packages pull in gcc for my container. Before I open bugs for said packages, I would like to verify that at least the basic functionallity is still there.

Do you have any tool/workflow to do this automatically?

The only somewhat clean way I could think of, was rebuilding without dependencies, but that feels like a huge waste of CPU power for removing a few bytes.

Manually removing gcc with rpm isn't an option, as I want to drop the whole depency chain.

Manually installing the other dependencies seems like a pain, but might be the easiest solution ...

Often, you can swap out a Requires for a Recommends, but other times it makes more sense to drop the dependency entirely.

Yes, but how do I do this, without having to change the spec and recompiling the package?
Or is that the only approach?

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