#23 Shrink Fedora installation boot.iso back below 700M
Opened 3 years ago by tdawson. Modified 3 years ago

Over the years the installer boot.iso has slowly gotten bigger. The goal has always been have it fit on a CD-Rom. With F33 initial builds, we have crossed over that line.

This is being discussed in Fedora Release Engineering:

Size of the installer boot.iso (also known at the Net install image)

        162M    boot.17.iso
        294M    boot.18.iso
        317M    boot.19.iso
        321M    boot.20.iso
        424M    boot.21.iso
        448M    boot.22.iso
        415M    boot.23.iso
        441M    boot.24.iso
        484M    boot.25.iso
        484M    boot.26.iso
        511M    boot.27.iso
        583M    boot.28.iso
        593M    boot.29.iso
        597M    boot.30.iso
        650M    boot.31.iso
        677M    boot.32.iso
        716M    boot.33.iso

It is looking like one of the problems is firmware. The following is the exploded size of the rootfs in the boot.iso, minus the firmware directory in the rootfs.

F17 Adjusted: 357M  (394M overall - 37M firmware)
F18 Adjusted: 626M  (674M overall - 48M firmware)
F19 Adjusted: 667M  (721M overall - 54M firmware)
F20 Adjusted: 660M  (718M overall - 58M firmware)
F21 Adjusted: 823M  (902M overall - 79M firmware)
F22 Adjusted: 931M  (1026M overall - 95M firmware)
F23 Adjusted: 912M  (1027M overall - 115M firmware)
F24 Adjusted: 1062M  (1209M overall - 147M firmware)
F25 Adjusted: 1204M  (1375M overall - 171M firmware)
F26 Adjusted: 1075M  (1284M overall - 209M firmware)
F27 Adjusted: 1080M  (1296M overall - 216M firmware)
F28 Adjusted: 1268M  (1552M overall - 284M firmware)
F29 Adjusted: 1268M  (1576M overall - 308M firmware)
F30 Adjusted: 1337M  (1776M overall - 439M firmware)
F31 Adjusted: 1329M  (1809M overall - 480M firmware)
F32 Adjusted: 1268M  (1793M overall - 525M firmware)
F33 Adjusted: 1278M  (1851M overall - 573M firmware)

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