#17 Trim comps.xml
Opened 4 years ago by tdawson. Modified 4 years ago

This issue to see if we can make some comps changes that might slim things down.

When I look at the current F32 comps for Fedora, I see one category (a group of groups) and three groups, that could possibly be trimmed down.

  • Category: base-system

    • base-system seems to be a mixture of old and new stuff. Most I can understand because you don't know what environment this is getting installed on. But the following two seem out of place.
    • group: java
      • I'm not for or against java, but it doesn't make any sense to add it to the base system.
    • group: virtulization
      • I've always had mixed feelings about this. I always feel virtualization should be something I add on, not something that comes by default. But on the one or two machines I want to use it, I appreciate it. But on all the others, I wonder why I have it installed by default.
  • group: buildsys-build

    • This is already being discussed in issue #12
  • group: core

    • Although this is fairly trimmed down, there were a couple packages I had questions about
    • package: plymouth
      • If I'm trying to get the smallest possible, I don't really care if my bootup looks nice or not. I think this belongs up in the standard group.
    • package to add: glibc-minimal-langpack
      • It might seem odd that adding a package will make things smaller, but it will. It has been shown that adding this package brings down the size, and number packages installed, by a significant number.
  • group headless-management

    • package: PackageKit
      • Maybe I'm being picky, but I don't understand why this is installed by default. If you are doing headless, the only thing that is going to use this is cockpit-packagekit, and that should have it as it's default. Or maybe packagekit does things I don't know about.
      • <personal opinion> packagekit is one of the first things I remove from my servers, and I'm tired of doing that.</opinion>

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