#14 The weekly meeting
Closed 4 years ago by asamalik. Opened 4 years ago by asamalik.

We have good conversations on the list and here in issues, but not many people are attending the weekly meeting, perhaps because it was too general, or we simply prefer an asynchronous conversation for the topics we currently have.

So I propose a change to how we do the meeting:

  • To add an agenda, tag an issue in this tracker with he Meeting tag
  • If there is no agenda for a meeting, we cancel it

That way we'll be using our time the most effectively and only use a live discussion when actually needed. Other groups in Fedora have a similar process, too.

agreed Only schedule a meeting with interested parties if there's a ticket that requires it. That means we cancel the weekly meeting, and only schedule one when needed, as opposed to cancelling it when there is no agenda. (+3 1 -0)

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