#1 Weekly Minimization Team meeting
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Let's have a weekly meeting to sync, plan, and discuss!

@feborges @ngompa @lorbus @salimma @tdawson @ignatenkobrain @jaruga

I propose we have it on Wednesdays 15:00 GMT — that would be right after the Fedora Council meeting and a day after the project update I'll be sending to Fedora devel.

In case that doesn't work for people, we can try to pick an alternative time here: http://whenisgood.net/2kdpinr

I've pinged everyone who expressed interest in joining the group when I announced it on the list. If anyone else wants to join, please see the Minimization Team page for instructions how to join.

That kind of works for me, though I'd have to leave at 15:30 ~ 15:45 for my standup for $DAYJOB at 11:45am US/ET (which does not involve this...).

15:00 GTM Wednesday works for me as well.

I won't be able to attend every week, but it works for me.

So it looks like Wednesdays 15:00 GMT it is!

Let's start next week. I'll be on a train to Flock tomorrow at that time and I'm not sure if I'll have a signal strong enough to be on IRC reliably. Also, there will be other people travelling to Flock.

I'll set up a calendar and other things necessary for the meeting. See you all next week there!

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