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  * Hold calendar events like release parties

  * Promote Fedora technology at local user groups with talks etc.


- == What To Makes A Great Fedora Advocate?

+ == What Makes A Great Fedora Advocate?


  Fedora Advocates tend to be people who are:


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  * Declined: There are various reasons why we can’t support your event.

  We hope to never have to decline an event and instead that we can work with you to make it a success.


+ . If you've asked for swag, please submit a **swag-shipment** request in the link:https://pagure.io/fedora-budget/issues[Fedora Budget Pagure] using the provided template.

+ Please allow 2-3 weeks for shipping as swag is generally not stored in your country.

+ Most of the delay is to allow time for customs processing in your country, not shipping.


  . Do It! Hold the event and save your receipts.


  . Write your report.

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