#83 Sponsorship for SELF 2019 (June 2019)
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Why does Fedora attend?

SouthEast LinuxFest draws from several surrounding states. Attending this event enables us to demonstrate the powerful and versatile Workstation, Server, and Atomic operating system software offered from Fedora.

What is the focus of the event?

We would like to change our focus some this year and focus on Fedora Server. This will be a good year to focus on Server since Modularity is becoming more popular, and since we plan to have Matthew Miller with us at SELF, and he has experience with this. We can have a demo of Fedora Server at our booth, and show off things such as Cockpit.

We will also want to possibly have a demo of Fedora Workstation, since that seems to be pretty popular at this event.

This is a prime opportunity to showcase what Fedora Workstation offers to the everyday user and what Fedora Server offers to the systems administrator looking to deploy new software on their company’s network (which also presents a great opportunity to showcase Server and Modularity).

How does our attendance at this event build users of or contributors to specific Fedora solutions — and why are those particular solutions strategically important?
This event has a unique way of drawing individuals from different areas around the southeast. Many travel from Alabama, Florida, Georgia, North and South Carolina, Kentucky, Virginia, and Tennessee. The areas listed do not have Free and Open Source events where attendees can learn or contribute. With such are large area of Linux users that attend the event in Charlotte the opportunity to reach the widespread area and promote Fedora. When looking at the Ambassadors membership areas there are very few from (if any) from Florida, Alabama, Kentucky, and Tennessee. This is strategically important since the event focuses on areas that are not routinely focused on by Linux distributions.

Matthew Miller is planning to attend this event and is planning on submitting a talk.

There also is another aspect of this event which demonstrates the versatility of Fedora with respect to Amateur Radio enthusiasts. We have on hand several individuals involved in Amateur Radio that can demonstrate the interoperability of Fedora with our Amateur Radio SIG and the ability to become a licensed Amateur Radio Operator. Ben Williams is also planning on submitting a talk about how to use Fedora for Ham Radio. Nick Bebout may co-present with him. Nick also usually presents a talk on GPG or some other security-related topic. We are also going to be coordinating a Ham Radio license test session at SELF, and a Ham Radio exam cram, as we have done the past several years, as well as coordinating the GPG key signing event at SELF.

Since we have budget left, I'd like to go ahead and pay SELF for a Bronze Sponsorship for this year. This is $500. We should be able to get this put in on FY2019 budget. Last year they were gracious and gave us a free Bronze Sponsorship, but we want to pay them this year, if possible.

Tentative Budget:
Bronze Sponsorship $500.00
Lodging $ 850.00
Travel $ 100.00
Total $1,450.00

nb may need funding in case employer won't pay: $350 plane ticket + ~$400 hotel.

Details of travel and who is planning on attending:
@award3535 and @jward78 will be driving
@jbwillia and @cewillia will be driving
@nb will be flying but expects to have his employer cover his airfare+hotel
@mattdm is planning to attend, and usually is funded from other budget

@mattdm is planning on attending and possibly submitting a talk this year.
@nb and @jbwillia usually speak at this event as well

+1 to the $1,450 budget from:
@bt0dotninja @bex @x3mboy

I would be +1 but am recusing myself since this is my event.

@jsmith @sumantrom thoughts?

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