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Silva here, one of the organizers of Open Source Conference Albania (OSCAL). Following a previous conversation that I had with @bex I am writing here in your public platform to check the possibility of Fedora being a sponsor of the 6th edition of OSCAL, taking place in the city of Tirana, Albania on 18 & 19 of May 2019.

About the conference: OSCAL is the first annual conference in Albania organized to promote software freedom, open source software, free culture and open knowledge, a global movement that originally started more than 25 years ago. The Conference will take place at 18 & 19 May 2019 in Tirana and will gather free libre open source technology users, developers, academics, governmental agencies and people who share the idea that software should be free and open for the local community and governments to develop and customize to its needs; that knowledge is a communal property and free and open to everyone. Our mission is educating Albanian youth, and not only, on Free and Open Source Software, its ideology and the great community behind it.

During the last editions we were happy to have a considerable presence of the Fedora community in our conference, with various sessions, meetups and an infobooth. The vibrant Fedora community has helped us during these years in our mission to share the the free software love in a local and regional level. OSCAL has been an inspiring event for many people who later on became very active contributors on different open source projects, with Fedora being among them, which has resulted with many smaller events being organized at Open Labs Hackerspace, the organization behind OSCAL. Release Parties, install fests, community meetups etc are only some of them.
Last year, it was great to have a Fedora Release Party during the conference, as you can check some of the moments here: https://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/Category:OSCAL_2018_-_community_meetups

As we welcome your community members to join us again for another great edition, we also would like to invite the Fedora Project to become a sponsor of the conference and support us in making all this possible. I'm attaching here our prospectus with the sponsorship opportunities: https://oscal.openlabs.cc/wp-content/uploads/2018/11/OSCAL-2019-Sponsorship-Prospectus.pdf

Looking forward to discussing this further with you.

Silva Arapi
OSCAL sponsorships team

I'd like to see someone take ownership of this event from a Fedora perspective. There are active ambassadors in Albania, perhaps one of them is interested in defining Fedora's participation?

Hi Silva & bex,

myself I am an ambassador based in Tirana, the city OSCAL takes place and I'd be happy to help bring Fedora to the conference.

Within the next weeks/months I can work with Silva or any of the other organizer of the conference and see how we can do the best on having the Fedora Project again this year at the conference.

@marianab this is great. Not to push to hard, but it would be awesome to fund this out of this Fiscal Year's money. That means we need to be able to submit the invoice by 15 February. To do that, we need Mindshare to approve it and to do that we need to understand the value of this event to Fedora and how sponsoring it will help Fedora achieve goals.

Do you think you can do a rough justification of that ASAP so we can vote and if approved meet our finance deadlines?

Myself I am not an organizer of the conference but together with @silva we will list below a few results that we think we might have as an outcome by sponsoring this event.
In a nutshell, here are some basic info about OSCAL 2019 and some of the reasons for even more presence from the Fedora community:

  • This will be 6th edition the Fedora community will be present at the event. From the very first edition there were Fedorians having talks and supporting an infobooth. I heard about the Fedora community myself for the very first time in one of the previous editions.
  • OSCAL is an important event related to Open Source technologies in the Balkans and one of the largest ones which leads to large exposure of the Fedora Project. Also, being a sponsor means that the FP will be mentioned many times publically (social media posts, event newsletter, offline promotion on technology universities, printed materials, welcome speech, etc.
  • The conference attracts many students, which makes them potential Fedora users and contributors. Metrics at the end of each edition show a great participation of female attendants (over 60%).
  • Each year we host a Fedora Community Meetup which is open to everyone. Usually, many of the conferences attendees join the meetup even if they are not part of the project. Last year we had a Release Party for F28 during our meetup.

By sponsoring the event the Fedora Project will get even more exposure compared with the other years, which might engage more local participants to learn on our community. Also, our meetup will be mentioned in the event newsletter, which might motivate more people to join.


@marianab thank you for this feedback - Other questions from committee members? @jsmith @sumantrom @robyduck @nb @x3mboy @bt0dotninja @mleonova

@marianab we talked in our meeting today. We would like to see if we can do the $1500 USD sponsorship and between that and travel costs counting (I think OSCAL does that) get enough of a sponsorship to achieve our goals.

Can you check on this?

We would like to see if we can do the $1500 USD sponsorship and between that and travel costs >counting (I think OSCAL does that) get enough of a sponsorship to achieve our goals.

What I understand from this sentence in that within the $1500 USD will be included the conference sponsorship and travel funding for those Fedorians who might want to attend the conference. Correct?

I understood this to be $1500 sponsorship and we will do travel later. @nb am I mis-remembering it?

Great then! I'll talk to @silva and proceed with this as soon as possible.

Once again, thank you. :)

Great news! Happy to have Fedora as a sponsor of the conference. Will do our best for the Fedora community to get the most out of this partnership.

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This sponsorship has been paid. Leaving ticket open pending planning

Thanks @bex

For the Fedora contributors who would like to attend OSCAL, we have prepared a list of topics which we would love to have at our conference. We always value Fedora presence at OSCAL. This is a list of topics we are interested to have, but for those who might have another topic you want to talk about, do not feel limited to apply.

Specific topics:

  1. How to be part of the Fedora community.
  2. Openness in a culturally diverse world
  3. Contributing to open source
  4. Importance of communication in open source communities/case study Fedora
  5. Open source software security testing
  6. Fedora CI: Testing an Operating System
  7. Quality Assurance
  8. Automated test, tools to help you get started
  9. How to optimize testing time
  10. Quality Engineer - role in a cross functional team.
  11. Getting started with DevOps
  12. Linux distributions, lifecycles, and containers (Fedora )
  13. Introduction to Machine Learning
  14. Introduction to OpenShift
  15. Software Documentation Types and Best Practices/Importance of documentation
  16. Agile documentation
  17. Open source project management tools for agile teams
  18. How to choose a kernel
  19. Being a mentor to junior devs — what’s to learn for everyone
  20. Organizing successful tech meetups- tips and tricks
  21. Online Privacy, tools, tips and tricks.
  22. Cyber Security - exposing Privacy Leaks

Thanks and looking forward to seeing many of you present at OSCAL :)

@marianab Hello. Are we planning for the Fedora release party and Fedora booth this year at OSCAL?

@marianab Hello. Are we planning for the Fedora release party and Fedora booth this year at OSCAL?

@amsharma yes we can organize a release party during the conference, same as last year. Also, we will have a booth there.

@bex is it possible to request swag or this event or is it too late? (The conference is on May 18-19.) I understand that now with the rebranding process is probably a little bit difficult to have swag available.

Thanks @marianab I will help in case I will be there.

@marianb the swag process is currently unaffected by the logo change as the change is not yet finalized. Please request the swag by opening a fedora-budget ticket for shipping. Swag goes with this sponsorship via Mindshare and doesn't require additional votes, unlike travel, aiui.

Perfect then! I'll open a fedora-budget ticket.

@marianb can you link to the event report?

@marianb thank you for the report. Can you share any details about the audience who attended our talks/party/booth? were they focused on a specific area of interest? Did they tend to ask similar questions? Mostly students? professionals?

Most of the attendees at OSCAL are students (including the conference volunteers who also attend the sessions and visit the booths. Most of them were not familiar with Fedora and therefore their questions were quite general, mostly regarding the operating system itself and its capabilities. They admitted that had used Linux only for their university assignments and were quite positive in learning more. Amita's presentation was very helpful on that because it was very informative on the different teams.

We were thinking to organize a follow up Fedora event for the volunteers of the conference but most of them leave Tirana for their hometowns as theirs university classes are overnow. Probably FWD is a good chance to do that.

PS: sorry for the late replay but the past weeks I have been very busy with my exams

@marianab thanks for the follow up and good luck with exams. A FWD event sounds like a great next step, in particular because of the demographics of your attendees. I also think that working on a monthly series of meetups, like we have in Mexico could be a great plan too.

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