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Hi everyone,

My talk for DevConf.cz, "Managing a fleet of Linux desktops with Ansible", has been accepted. DevConf.cz will cover the hotel cost, but not travel.

I am also a Fedora Ambassador in NA, and will serve as one. I am also a packager, and hope to learn from others.

Flying from my local EWR airport to Prague costs as little as $444 for long/many layovers, or $620 for 1 layover.

(Prague is much cheaper than flying to Brno directly.)

I am humbly requesting $720 for travel:
- Flight tickets estimated at $623 for the less-traveled departure days of Thursday and Monday
- $34.50 for round-trip commuter train ($17.25 each way - Princeton Jct to EWR)
- $25.50 for parking at commuter rail station ($5/day + $0.50 transaction fee) (parking at airport is extremely expensive)
- $40 for local transport from Prague airport to Brno (estimated costs other than main train cost)

If less funding can be provided, I will still attend. I will accept either long/many layovers, or spend some of my own money, or both.

Thank you,
Mike DePaulo

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This request is approved.

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3 years ago

Lets work on getting the event report and budget ticket in ASAP so we can pay it in this FY please.

I'll do those things this Sunday.

Sorry; I've been crazy busy with having accepted my new job and apartment shopping.

Reimbursement ticket
(I think that's what @bex meant by "budget ticket").

I really like your event report @mikedep333 thank you for posting it.

I believe this ticket can be closed. The budge ticket is in progress. If i got this wrong, please reopen.

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3 years ago

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