#66 [swag request] F29 release parties in Brno and Prague
Closed: Complete 3 years ago by bex. Opened 3 years ago by eischmann.

I'm organizing F29 release parties in Brno and Prague on Nov 26 and Dec 4 respectively.

  1. Jiri Eischmann
  2. eischmann
  3. Nov 26, Dec 4, 2018
  4. Red Hat offices in Brno and Etnetera offices in Prague
  5. https://mojefedora.cz/udalosti/fedora-29-release-party-v-brne/
  6. I'm asking for generic Fedora swag for events with 100 attendees in total
  7. Budget: $100 for catering for each party
  8. Brno one is targeting redhatters in Brno and also local university students, the Prague local university students and community members.

I spoke with @eischmann and this request will be updated to include $100 in catering for both events.

I am +1 to these events with swag + catering budget.

@eischmann this will be considered approved if it gets one more +1 in the next three days.

Sounds fine for me too +1

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