#60 Telegram as communication channel
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We are using telegram from a while, and even when we have a directory, we never set Telegram as an Official Communication channel.

My idea is to create and advertise our channels as "Official channels".


I found a lot of channels, but I'm recently concern about an Spanish channel that is claiming to be "The official Fedora Spanish Channel", and is not the channel when we really have control.


Well, the idea is to create a set of rules or milestones to be considered an official channel, my proposal are 2:

  1. Channel's admins must be community members.
  2. Approval from Mindshare (via a Pagure ticket).

After this, they (admins) can ask to be included in the pinned message of the main channel.

This would need to go to the Council, not us. Traditionally IRC is our official communication channel. The telegram channels are under these rules: https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/Legal:Trademark_guidelines#Community_sites_and_accounts

Please open a Council ticket about the Telegram channel so we can have them contacted. If you know them personally, please share the link above.

on hold pending council decision

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