#6 Research other "representation" programs in other open source communities
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In the context of our Ambassadors discussion, add research about external communities and how they manage / run their representation programs

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@jflory7 will take this to commops and use it to inform the draft proposal being put together by @jsmith

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This ticket is also being discussed in fedora-commops#145.

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@bt0dotninja did a thorough job of documenting some of the other outreach programs across the open source community. Take a look at his research in this comment.

We briefly visited this ticket in today's meeting. @bt0dotninja put in some research to other programs. His overall conclusion seems to be there is a large focus towards local communities… which is affirming since that is way I feel like we are leaning too.

I am taking the critical information from the CommOps ticket and moving it here. I am also closing the CommOps ticket unless more follow-up is necessary. The rest of this is all @bt0dotninja's handiwork:

Ubuntu Evangelists (DEPRECATED)

  • They have a guide "How to evangelize", this guide include steps and tips to talk with difficult people.
  • Use a advocate kit with "high impact" content like talking points and quality graphical/promotional material (digital).

Ubuntu Local Communities

  • Focused on generate communities.
  • Resources allocation is given for a central entity (Ubuntu LoCo Council)
  • the most similar role to an Ambassador is a local community team leader , this person will be a ubuntu member.

OpenSuse Advocates

  • Has minimal onboarding requirements.
  • The local/country advocates works along with a OpenSuse Local Coordinator He/she is a OpenSuse Community active member and works as Mentor / single point of communication/ mediator between users and contributors.

Google OSPO ambassador

  • Their responsibilities includes (requires a good set of social and technical skills):
  • training sessions
  • Mentoring new ambassadors
  • find and work with local vendors for swag
  • Regular Entries in google opensource blog
  • suggest projects and events for sponsorship
  • attending or hosting local FOSS conferences
  • and more...

Mozilla Reps

  • build on and support existing/future local community efforts and programs
  • separates the swag request from the budget request
  • You don't can request budget/swag before past a special training
  • has a rigorous application process to make sure those interested are motivated and ready to take on a leadership role within the Mozilla community. (at least 3 months)
  • has a minimal selection criteria

Cloud Native Ambassadors

Requirements for becoming an official Cloud Native Ambassador are:

  • Affiliated with a CNCF member OR is a contributor to a CNCF project.
  • Already engaged with the project in some way whether that’s as a contributor, blogger, speaker, etc.
  • Willing to either speak at community events OR write technical content such as blog posts.
  • Host a cloud native community meetup. See http://www.meetup.com/pro/cncf/ for areas already covered.

Open Organization Ambassador

  • they are mostly writers, they write about, discuss, and evangelize organizational cultures predicated on transparency, adaptability, collaboration, inclusivity, and community.
  • Has a high level requirements for ambassadors.
  • Ambassadors serve one-year minimum commitments. At the conclusion of their respective terms, ambassadors will discuss plans to renew or complete their commitments.

Mageia Local Communities

  • just a starting draft, but they thinks is better generate local communities.

In general, every representative is a contributor of the project before be a ambassador/loco leader/reps/coordinator.
in some cases, needs some kind of training.
The principal objective is generate strong local communities.

Is there any further action required for this ticket? Or is there any other place we want to keep this information? Otherwise, I suggest we close this as complete.

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Closed by vote in the meeting on 23 July information to be considered by procedure writers.

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