#382 Microphone for the Fedora Podcast
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The previous microphone, that was funded by the council, is not functioning and I can't get it fixed. I've got this one that time: https://www.amazon.com/Audio-Technica-ATR2100-USB-Cardioid-Dynamic-Microphone/dp/B004QJOZS4/


It could be, either the same, since it was a good microphone, or one similar in price. I look at these:

Popular among podcasters:
- https://www.amazon.com/Razer-Seiren-Microphone-Supercardioid-Built/dp/B09GJXKYR4/
- https://www.amazon.com/Blue-Yeti-USB-Microphone-Blackout/dp/B07GR31BZZ/

Or this one:
Good priced:
- https://www.amazon.com/Razer-Seiren-Streaming-Microphone-Built/dp/B075HCLMYP/

But if we went through the same I got the first time, it's totally ok

I would avoid the Yetti. It's a great mic but picks up everything. This is my preferred mic:

Thanks for your comments.

This looks great but it's very expensive.

How much if the expected lifespan of that one? The original Audio-Technica I had last 5 years.

I think the motive for the spend is reasonable. I think a budget of ~$100 USD is acceptable for this, and we can help Eduard get rebooted on recording for the podcast.

Which microphone of the above should we consider for this request?

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