#381 Invitation to sponsor FOSS Festival
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FOSS GECT is an open-source community, dedicated to creating free and open-source software awareness among people. As a growing community, we have conducted several events that have succeeded in giving insight to the people about open source and its vast scopes. This success was the light for us to think of something big that can make a huge impact in society, and all our thoughts summed up to the event - FOSS Festival, with the theme "Free Software and Freedom". The event is slated for April 1, 2023. We anticipate 150 attendance, with the majority of our audience being made up of students, academics, and professionals.
As an open-source community, we believe that collaboration is the key to success. By working together with other communities, developers, designers, and users, we can create projects or programs that are more impactful. That's why we are committed to contributing to open-source projects, collaborating, and sharing our knowledge and expertise with the community.
We are sending this to express our desire for Fedora to become one of our community partners or sponsors. We can make the event a big success with your support.

Attached to this the brochure of our event.


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