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We have around a month now for the release to happen and I think we should have a post calling for release parties with a mention that its open for all to have one now...not just Amby. I will draft one and share the link here.. which the mindshare can validate (mostly the wording) before being tossed in the wild.

+1 Let's also announce our $100 RP idea with this (not a blocker).

action @x3mboy to write a draft for the Amby ML and we will also convert to commblog ... bexelbie to help edit if desired

Per 3 Oct 2018 Meeting: https://meetbot.fedoraproject.org/fedora-mindshare/2018-10-03/mindshare.2018-10-03-17.30.log.html

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@x3mboy continuing work on this project per 10 October meeting


Fedora 29 has been released, and it's time to have some Release Parties!

As the stablishment of the Mindshare Committee, we are now encouraging everyone that want to do a Release Party, to just do it and receive the support of the Fedora Project.

For this, we have created a low-friction proccess [1] that allows people to request up to $100 USD in reimbursement under the following conditions:


  • Open a Mindshare ticket with the following information:
    • Time/Date
    • Location
    • Expected number of attendees
    • Expected cost


  • Update the Mindsare ticket with the following information:
    • Actual number of attendees
    • Photos of the event
    • Actual cost
    • Any lessons you learned from the event, or tips for other events to help them be successful
    • A link to your blog post, ideally in the Fedora CommBlog, or on Fedora Planet about the event

Always remembering that we want you to have awesome parties and that everything done correctly have their rewards!

I would suggest mentioning also swag for the RP and the badges.

@x3mboy can you put the draft somewhere where we can easily edit it and suggest changes?

Also, the post-event process feels wrong. We want a blog post with those things, not to hide them in the ticket. I suggest you consider the advocate template and design a template for RPs that we can then use as the basis for this article.

@bex Draft is here:

About the blog post, the line says "A link to your blog post" so, the report should be in a blog post, just the link should be in the ticket.

About the templates, let me see if I can play with it, but honestly it will be my first, so if anyone can help me with that, I will be happy to update the draft with a link to it.

I am hoping to have some report resources that we can use soon - I'll keep you informed.

+1 to latest draft - publish it :)

Did this get posted?

@bt0dotninja do we need to do more here? Should you start on the F30 draft (in a new ticket)?

ok, i will take the task for the F30 release parties.

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