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Back after two virtual editions, FOSDEM 2023 will take place at the ULB on the 4th and 5th of February 2023. Fedora's presence has become traditional at FOSDEM. We can share information, demo software, interact with our users and contributors, give away goodies, do a meet up, etc. All is possible!

FOSDEM offers us:

  • One table (180x80cm) with a set of chairs and a power
  • Fast wireless internet
  • A spot on stands.fosdem.org.

We can choose if you want the spot for the entire conference, or simply for one day.

Personally I have been part of organizing/volunteering FOSDEM stands since 2019 and I think this is a great place to have our presence.

Requirements are similar to what we used to have in pre-covid:

  • Table cloth
  • Standees
  • Swag

Ideally, we would also offer assistance in travel to volunteers but they can be discussed in separate tickets (as also our workflow with budget has changed)

+1 to a Fedora booth at FOSDEM :)

I wanna help out as well!

I'd like to help out if I'll be there (that depends on how the covid situation evolves over the winter)

+1 from me. I can help wrangle our planning for 2023.

I submitted the application for a booth. I know we didn't discuss it yet, but the 1 November deadline is coming up soon and I am also traveling that week. I thought it was better to have something submitted as we work on the details, versus accidentally missing the deadline.

I'm triaging this ticket for discussion in the next meeting.

Also to note, I answered most of the booth form questions using the Project Docs page. I am adding the responses I filled to the form for future reference below:

Why do you want to be at FOSDEM?

The Fedora Project is closely tied to the shared values of free and open source software as the FOSDEM community. Not only does the Fedora Project build and ship an open source Linux operating system, but it also has a shared belief in free software and content. Advancing software and content freedom is a central community goal, which we accomplish through the software and content we promote. We choose free alternatives to proprietary code and content and limit the effects of proprietary or patent encumbered code on the Project. Sometimes this goal prevents us from taking the easy way out by including proprietary or patent encumbered software in Fedora.

Additionally, Fedora contributors are great contributors to FOSDEM. Fedora has historically had a booth for several years, our contributors help wrangle the Distributions Devroom, and our contributors attend as speakers in the main track or several other devrooms outside of distributions. A booth provides a common rallying point both for attendees who want to know more about Fedora and for our contributors participating across the conference.

Please enter a short (10 lines) description of why people should come to your stand. This will be added to your stand on the overview website.

The Fedora Community is made up of people from all walks of life, working together to advance free software. There is a place in Fedora for anyone who wants to help, regardless of technical skill level, as long as they believe in our core values. At the operating system level, we don’t just integrate. We do new things — we build a platform, not just a distribution. The Features and First foundations drive us to innovate. We do all of this as a transparent, collaborative community of Friends, and entirely as open source and free software — Freedom.

Come find us and our contributors to discuss Linux distributions, operating system development, design, software development and engineering, community management, and all things about free software and open source.

Please enter a short (15 lines) overview of all the new things for your project since your last FOSDEM and anything new to expect this year. This will be added to your stand on the overview website.

As a Linux distro, see our latest release notes and upcoming changes in Fedora Linux 38:


As a community, check out our Community Blog for updates from across the Fedora-verse:


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Discussed in 2022-10-25 meeting.

We discussed this ticket in the meeting, although it mostly recognized the previous comments in the ticket. There is an action for me to understand processes and policies for booking travel and accommodation for Fedora contributors in current circumstances, as well as review the Fedora Budget. I'll aim to have an update for the Committee in mid- to late November.

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I might be around, so if you need a pair of hands, let me know.

I plan on showing up and could help out a bit as well.

FYI: I will be there for the GNOME adboard meeting beforehand, and for seeing Fedora people. I'm going to wait to see the crowd levels before deciding if I want to venture into the dev rooms. I'll probably stop by the booth -- and am looking forward to the traditional Fedora social dinner!

@bogomil @suve I'll follow up soon about organizing our booth presence! It is on my to-do list.

@mattdm It will be nice to have you there.

Per our planned working session today, we are in the process of migrating from Pagure to GitLab. This ticket is now on GitLab, so I am closing the status of this ticket as moved. Please follow along over on GitLab for more updates!


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