#350 Fedora Activity Day - Colorado Springs, CO - September 9th
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  1. What is the event and why should Fedora do it?* - The event is planned to be a day-long Fedora onboarding session for the students of the University of Colorado at Colorado Springs campus in Colorado Springs, CO. I would like to cover the following topics (in no particular order here): an overview of Fedora editions, creating a FAS, Fedora release cycle, contributing to Fedora through testing, installing Fedora, contributing to Fedora IoT, and others, depending on time restraints. I would like to request some budget to feed those in attendance as I plan for this to be a day-long event and am expecting no more than 30 attendees. Of course I'd also like to provide them with some swag. While there is a Linux presence at UCCS currently, I would like to introduce the students to Fedora and show them how they can use Fedora Linux for their day-to-day computer work and also contribute to the project at the same time.

  2. Event Date* - Either August 1st, 2nd, or 3rd, 9am-4pm, exact date TBD but before Nest 2022 Friday, September 9th Date TBD. Working with UCCS staff to find the most appropriate time to run this event.

  3. Event Location* - UCCS Campus - Colorado Springs, CO

  4. Swag needs (and why) - Swag enough to cover 30 people, pins, bottles, hats, stickers, lanyards, etc. Also would like to request three Fedora branded T-shirts to mark leaders of the activity day. Optionally, 30 Fedora-branded USB flash drives to use for the install fest portion of the activity day.

  5. Budget needs (subject to the Advocate limit) - $100 to provide pizza, drinks, snacks, etc.

  6. Target Audience* - UCCS university students

  7. Full Name - Geoffrey Marr

  8. FAS ID* - coremodule

UPDATE 7/18: The date is being pushed back to Friday, September 9th.

@coremodule is a long-standing contributor to the QA team. We discussed this as he was filing for this ticket and I believe we can go ahead and help him with the request.

+1 @coremodule we discussed this in our meeting earlier today and we think its a great idea! Please open a swag shipment ticket [0] on the budget repo so we can get the swag shipped out to you. https://pagure.io/fedora-budget/new_issue?template=swag-shipment

I reached out by email to discuss the funding piece.

An update: the date is being shifted to Friday, September 9th. I've updated the original request with this info.

Hey @coremodule I want to make sure to get some swag out to you in time for this event.. Please open a swag shipment ticket on the budget repo as soon as possible: https://pagure.io/fedora-budget/new_issue?template=swag-shipment

Hey @coremodule just checking in on this event request. Are you still working on organizing the event? Let us know how we can help and if you would like swag, make sure to open a swag shipment ticket on the budget repo asap: https://pagure.io/fedora-budget/new_issue?template=swag-shipment Thanks!

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Discussed in 2022-11-03 meeting.

This issue was triaged for the meeting agenda but it may have been a mistake. The current status or state of this ticket is unclear. @coremodule, are there any updates on this event request? Are there still plans to organize this or should we close it it out from the queue? If there is anything we can do to support you, please let us know! In the Committee meeting today, we reaffirmed that this looked like an awesome event and we'd love to support it if possible! But if the momentum fell through, it is no problem either.

Just let us know the latest news so we can respond and plan accordingly. Thank you!

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I am closing this issue as stale.

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