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Full Name: Christian Schaller
FAS ID : Uraeus
Target Audience/Goal
The idea is to have a t-shirt that highlights some of the critical pieces of Linux that Fedora Workstation has lead over the last years, like Flatpak, LVFS, PipeWire, Toolbx. Both to send out to members of the Fedora Workstation community (including RH employees working on Fedora) as both a thank you and something they can use to 'advertise' at conferences now that we are back to in person. and to give out to community members at conferences.

Event Date
Event Location
Estimated Number of People
Thinking about around 100 t-shirts

Swag Needed/Suggested
We got a design from Jakub Steiner we would love to use.

I love this design, +1 from me

+1 from me too, This design is awesomeeeee :heart_eyes:

Omg the design is rad! I am generally +1 to this request, with some caveats. As I mentioned in a previous ticket, we are maxed out on our allotted physical spaces for swag (Raleigh, Brno, & Cool Stuff Store) because of the lack of in person events the last couple years. I am working on getting a nice bunch of stuff out for Hatches, Nest, and our recent event related requests but we are still tight. @uraeus what do you think about doing a sign up for the tee shirt so we can just print what we need and get those shipped out right away? Since this is focused on Workstation, I think we would want to limit it to that working group or maybe associate it with some kind of related event with a cap of maybe 100 or 150 tee shirts? (a test event or maybe nest?)

I am fine with doing it pre-order only, although hope I can add lets ay 15 t-shirts to be sent to me in Westford so that we have to give out at GUADEC to a few people. I will collect and share names and t-shirt sizes/cuts. Should I collect addresses up front too?

@uraeus if you are on board with pre-order yes let's gather all the info up front, and we can do an additional 15 sent to you for sure. We have used limesurvey in the past to gather info like this. Would you like us to set one up or would you prefer to use something else and manage it yourself?

I am just using a Google Sheet for now. But I will get people to add their address there too.

@uraeus - cool, works for me. The fields we need in order to complete shipments are as follows:

Name as it appears on ID and Mailbox
Company Name (if shipping to a business)
Street Address, line 1
Street Address, line 2 (optional)
State/Province (2 letter abbreviation)
Postal Code
Phone Number
Email Address

Ok, just to follow up here too. I just sent an email to @riecatnor with the t-shirt requests.

@uraeus got it! I will get this going and provide updates here :)

We have a proof approved and these are moving to print. Not sure how long that part will take, but I should get notified once they start to ship and I will provide an update.

Got mine today via DHL from Brno to Sweden in 1 day

Thanks @aday, @uraeus and @riecatnor

I think can close this one as complete.

It would be great if we could put that design on a T-shirt store somewhere so that folks can order one on their own.

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