#325 Booth supplies with the new Fedora logo
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We are starting to receive some in person event requests and we need to get updated booth supplies with the new Fedora logo. I opened a ticket with the design team about a couple weeks ago and the team has reviewed the task[0]. Opening this ticket to track our options for the various pieces we want to include.

Note: "starting at" means the more we purchase, the less expensive it will become.

8' full color option. Economy starting at $146.67. Full starting at $191.67/each. https://www.promohandbook.com/premium-dye-sub-table-throw

8' full color option starting at $268.50/each. https://showdowndisplays.com/Product/Select?Sku=109022&returnUrl=%2FProductSearch%3FBrandCode%3Dsd%26HasSubCategories%3DFalse%26MaxRecords%3D100%26Offset%3D0%26SearchWords%3Dtable%2520throw%26SortAsc%3DFalse%26SortBy%3D_score%26SearchType%3DProductSearch%26IncludeAggregations%3DTrue

8' fitted full color option starting at $238.33

8' one color option starting at $266.20/each, can add more colors for additional charges. Standard background colors, can match PMS colors. https://www.beaconpromotions.com/pl/Flat-4-sided-Table-Cover-fits-8-foot-standard-table:-Polyester/2558

Table Runner
The Design Team came up with the idea to include a table runner to protect the tablecloth if we go with white. There are many options table runners, so we need to get an idea from the Design team what they are envisioned. I was provided this link to get an idea of what exists: https://www.beaconpromotions.com/search?priceFrom=&keyword=table+runner&priceTo=

Vinyl Upright Banners
$150.08 Economy - https://www.promohandbook.com/phoenix-retractable-banner-stand
$235.62/each. Better - https://www.promohandbook.com/orient-850-retractable-banner-stand
$279.22/each. Best - https://www.promohandbook.com/barracuda-850-retractable-banner-stand

[0] https://pagure.io/design/issue/808

The Mindshare Committee discussed this in their meeting yesterday. Our notes:
- Let''s go with the "better" option for the upright banners.
- Let's go with a one color printed 8' tablecloth, white with fedora blue logo
- Let's look for blue runner options
- Need to make a list of things to round out event kit

Example: https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/Event_Box?rd=Ambassadors/EventBox#Suggested_contents_of_the_Event_Box

Noting that the tablecloth designs have been completed and sent to the vendor. Artwork can be found here: https://pagure.io/design/issue/808#comment-790712

The design team is now working on the banner stand designs

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