#32 Distribute "Fedora Women" stickers to Fedora Women's Day 2018 event organizers
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Related to #27.


Distribute "Fedora Women" stickers to Fedora Women's Day (FWD) 2018 event organizers with their event proposals


The Diversity & Inclusion Team opened a call for FWD 2018 proposals this month. Per previous guidance from the Mindshare Committee, we want to coordinate with the Mindshare Committee on delivering "Fedora Women" stickers to event organizers for their events held around the world.

These stickers would probably be mixed with the standard "swag packs" distributed to Ambassadors or for release party events to help FWD event organizers be successful in their event.


All proposals will be finalized and accepted on Friday, 24 August 2018. Some events may be accepted before this date on a rolling basis. We want to distribute stickers and swag items shortly or immediately after this date since events will be held across September.

We would like to communicate this process to event organizers and give them instructions on how to make requests. Some questions we need to answer:

  • Does the D&I Team make requests to Mindshare Committee on behalf of organizers?
  • What information is needed by event organizers to receive swag items?
  • Where should requests for swag items go?


FWD 2018 event organizers have Fedora swag items to distribute and share at their event; doubles as a subtle confidence booster as an small investment to event organizers' success by Fedora Project

cc: @amsharma @bee2502 @jonatoni @recursedd

Right now there is no standard ambassador package. If someone is holding a joined event, we can ship them one package, not two. For the please collect shipping information (name, address, email, phone number) and send me a direct email to get the package launched. I need as much lead time as possible because customs clearance can take a lot of time in some countries.

I think we can close this and I can coordinate shipping with Diversity directly after the events are scheduled. We need as much lead time as possible for shipping.

Closing as these have been shipped.

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