#315 Mindshare Quarterly Report: January - February - March 2022
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This ticket will track our next Mindshare Quarterly Report for January, February, & March 2022. I have initiated a hackmd for us to add updates[0]. Feel free to make additions whenever you think of something!

Let's aim to publish this report in the first couple weeks of April.

[0] https://hackmd.io/8wmOz8zDTq2OTXUG7OsGgA?view

Previous report: https://communityblog.fedoraproject.org/mindshare-committee-quarterly-report-q4-2021/

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I have polished up the report and added it to the CommBlog. It is under review and I have requested it to be published before the end of April.

This report is published on the CommBlog as of April 28th. Closing this ticket as complete


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