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Hey Mindshare! I have been notified that the t-shirts[0] order we placed in December has been completed and they are now posted for purchase in the Cool Stuff Store(CSS) [1]. There are 1000 tee shirts total for straight and fitted options in varied sizes. Now it's time to get a bunch of tee shirts out to Fedora contributors :D

In this ticket I'd like to determine all the how/what/when questions about distribution and any follow up information about that process. The CSS will provide a promo page and codes similar to the Nest swag pack. I think we should reserve a quarter or so of the inventory to keep the CSS stocked with these for the next year or two.

So how do we determine who to give these to and when? Ideas off the top of my head:
- Attendees to the F36 Release Party
- Top 750 people on badges: send claim emails to associated fpo addresses (although this sounds cool, I am not sure this is actually equitable)
- Choose a date, create promotional materials, and do a first come, first serve for 750 tee shirts

[0] https://pagure.io/mindshare/issue/301
[1] https://coolstuff.redhat.com/category/133/fedora-project

  • Top 750 people on badges: send claim emails to associated fpo addresses (although this sounds cool, I am not sure this is actually equitable)

Just an observation. It is not really equitable.
For instance: look at this mail, that explain why it would be unfair to some degree.
In addition, nowadays it seems that neither some of the badges listed here are awarded https://docs.fedoraproject.org/en-US/commops/outreach-badges/first-steps/
And another example: in the past badges were integrated with Ask Fedora, that is no more the case.

So. The idea would be super nice, if the chance to get badges was equally distributed around the various teams and community.

@alciregi That's a good point. There are too many badges which require manual steps to be awarded and it's not happening. We should make sure that's included in a "future of badges" plan — and make sure we have better badges coverage across the project.

But maybe in the meantime we should add some other route as well?

How about we start doing some initial targeted distribution, for example for participation at test events, rewarding the monthly badges leaderboard for March, rewarding everyone who did a package review in a certain week, and some other citeria and then a catch all distribution at the end if we still have enough shirts left.

Hi Mindshare - I have some updates on our capabilities with the Cool Stuff Store(CSS) and making sure we have equitable distribution of shirts. Before I go into that I want to add a couple notes. Feedback/comments encouraged :)

We need to move these tshirts. As I mentioned we will soon be charged a fee for whatever inventory we hold in the CSS based on the sum of our inventory. With what we currently have this looks like $1100/month in fees. Since this was an unknown fee that has been sprung on us almost a year into using the CSS, I am trying to work with RH OSPO to cover this instead of it coming out of Fedora's budget. Even if RH OSPO does agree to cover the costs, we will be looking at a cap on the dollar amount of our inventory that we are currently over. I appreciate everyone's desire to make sure this process is equitable, but I would like to see us come to an agreement shortly so that we can hopefully get the 750 shirts moved ideally by the end of March or absolute latest the end of April.

Question: Can we require folks to use Fedora emails?
Answer: Yes and no. We cannot require Fedora emails using our regular promo site and a code. The orders are entered and they are automatically shipped without any checks or holds in between. I am being told we have the option to have the CSS set up a microsite for a small fee ($250 estimated), where we are able to review the orders before they go out. This would also let us check for duplicate orders. This process would also be more time consuming and more effort on my part, but doable.

Question: Can we split up the inventory between time zones/regions?
Answer: Also yes and no. We can't divide the inventory and say "this amount is for APAC" or "this amount is for EMEA". What we can do is create codes for each time zone and divide the inventory up for each code. For example, the "APAC code" is open for X number of hours and is most convenient for APAC's time zone. Can people still wake up early/stay up late and go for tshirts out of their time zone? Yes, but I think it will weed out most of those individuals.

Question: Can we assign unique codes to individual contributors to make sure people aren't double dipping?
Answer: Most likely, but this is definitely a lot more work. We also don't have an equitable way to choose who would get the shirts, imo, and from all the discussions we've had about it I don't think we will come to an agreement soon. If we went with the microsite option, we could deal with the bulk of the double dipping there.

Question: Can folks from the Mindshare Committee help with getting codes generated for a variety of events?
Answer: Yes. I spoke with my Events Support People (Veronica Cooley & Natalie Pazmiño) and they are up to receive requests from one other Committee member that is established as a helper for that. I think this would be a good thing to set up in the future, but should not block the tshirt giveaway.

We discussed this in yesterdays Mindshare meeting. Our notes:
- Let's go forward with the micro site, this will help mitigate some issues we foresee
- Create multiple codes for time zones
- Publish a post on the CommBlog with the giveaway details. Make the giveaway info dynamic so that different codes show up depending on where you are located. Example: https://wordpress.org/plugins/geotargeting/

I am working on the micro site request and getting the codes generated and will provide an update soon

Hi folks- we have an update here. I have worked to set up this tee shirt giveaway for April 21st, the same week as the target date for the F36 release! I have written a pre-promo blog post- I will request that go out one week prior on April 14th. I am working with @duffy to complete the actual promotion post.

hey folks- we did this! Shipping a total of 878 tee shirts out. Thanks to Mindshare for working together to set it up and I hope you all got tee's :)


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