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Hi Mindshare,

I am creating this ticket to discuss Fedora's presence at FOSDEM 2022 [1]. Again, this year the conference will be online and I guess the format will be pretty much the same with 2021.

Last year, our virtual stand was a website with lots of Fedora updates and a Jitsi session where people could video chat in real-time. And an Element instance as well. No budget is required for any of these.

There is no open call for stands for now but I expect that it will be. In principle, I would like Mindshare to approve or not Fedora's presence there.

The Fedora Project has been participating since 2006 and I am of the opinion that again it should be part of the conference with a stand (regardless of the presentations advocates & ambassadors might have related to Fedora). This event is very developer-oriented and every year it was quite challenging making sure we have code-oriented advocates to fly to Belgium and stand behind the booth. Since the event is online, more people from different countries and time zones can join and help answer questions.

FOSDEM has been a great place to showcase the Project to people who would just start contributing to open source, but this year I assume that "virtual attendees" will be mostly people who are already familiar with any form of open source. Thus, in case it is decided to submit an application we have to make sure to have enough people around during the 2 days of the event.

[1] https://fosdem.org/2022/

Thanks for opening this @marianab - I am +1 to having a presence at FOSDEM 2022

I am on the standholders mailing list and they sent this update earlier today:

We've decided to streamline the process for the 2022 event by reusing the
system and data that is already in place.

The 2021 stands website has been archived into archive.fosdem.org.

stands.fosdem.org is now available to use again in 2022 and the direct
links there from fosdem.org have been removed for now. The front
page hasn't yet been updated.

If you had a stand at FOSDEM 2021, and wish to have one at FOSDEM 2022,
then all you need to do is to start updating your static content the
same way as you did last year.

If you don't want a stand, please send an email to stands@fosdem.org and
we will remove it. We will also remove stands that haven't had at
least one change made by 31st December.


If you need metadata updating that you can't change yourself, either
send pull requests againt the main repository or email stands@fosdem.org.

The system for videos/events is not ready yet and this won't be set up
until the final list of stands is confirmed.

New stands will be by invitation only and limited in number because of
the amount of manual administration involved. If you think there's a
deserving case for an invitation, contact stands@fosdem.org.

Looks like we need someone to jump in there and make a commit :)

Thanks for sharing Marie. Last year we had @siddharthvipul1 work on the Fedora site and he knows exactly what to do.

@siddharthvipul1 do you think you can have some time and make a small commit? And, when we come back in 2022 we can make the rest of the changes.

The Fedora site lives here: https://github.com/FOSDEM/stands-website/tree/master/static/stands


@siddharthvipul1 do you think you can have some time and make a small commit? And, when we come back in 2022 we can make the rest of the changes.

Sure, (/me adds to the list) :)

Thank you @siddharthvipul1 !

We discussed this in the Mindshare meeting, I will add our notes. These are updates/changes that need to be made to the current page[0]:
easy fixes
- Change "Fedora distribution" to "Fedora Linux"
- Remove raffle section
- Change Nest picture to WorkAdventure group pic (I will add it to this thread)
- Update to new logo on the "Stands" page[1]
- Add the logo to our "Stand"
- Under "Fedora Project @ FOSDEM" update from "Fedora 33" to "Fedora Linux 35"

needs discussion
- Update socials section- did we do this independently or through FOSDEM last year?
- Update section "The Fedora Project in 2021" with new heading & text

We also need a badge for any socials we do, I opened a ticket[2] to get the process started.

[0] https://stands.fosdem.org/stands/the_fedora_project/
[1] https://stands.fosdem.org/stands/
[2] https://pagure.io/fedora-badges/issue/856

link to PR: https://github.com/FOSDEM/stands-website/pull/116
we will update some specific things later (like raffle - if any, social event details and other important things we want to highlight)

+1 for FOSDEM participation FWIW

FYI the PR has been merged. You can check the updated website here: https://stands.fosdem.org/stands/the_fedora_project/

We reviewed the Fedora stand in today's Mindshare Committee meeting and we had just one note:
- Please add the Fedora logo if possible. Our idea is a scalable banner (if possible) maybe behind the "welcome to the fedora project stand", fedora blue as the background there and have the logo above the headline centered middle in white. If scalable isn't possible, make the top banner fedora blue and then just have a white logo.

USe #51a2da for the blue (new Fedora blue)

I created a wiki page similar to last year, though now that I find the stand site, there's more info there that need to be copied back - or we can just deduplicate and point people to the stands site.

One thing to note: the Matrix room for the stand, https://chat.fosdem.org/#/room/#fedora-stand:fosdem.org does not have a logo yet, and none of us are marked as moderators so we can't change the logo.

Hi there- FOSDEM happened over the weekend and it seemed to go great- both the Fedora social hours were full of people. Closing this ticket. Thank you to @marianab @siddharthvipul1 @salimma and everyone else who helped out!

For future reference here is 2021's ticket: https://pagure.io/mindshare/issue/248

Metadata Update from @riecatnor:
- Issue close_status updated to: Complete
- Issue status updated to: Closed (was: Open)

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