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Policies and content

There have been a hole in how the content is managed in Fedora social media accounts. This is not new, but I'm taking advantage that there is a little discussion about it.

From my point of view, content in Community Publishing Platforms (as were called in the Council's docs), needs to be curated, it's not enough to say "Community Publishing Platforms are not actively curated because they rely on decentralized community labor and contributions that are difficult to centrally control."

And the best way to see that this isn't enough, it's that magazine have their own set of rules (they call them tips, because they are too polite) and teams will look that as an example.


So, my proposal is this:

We need to have a content policy, that it should apply to all content (as I mentioned in the Council ticket with one of my attempts) we should divide the policies in 2 parts:

  1. A generic set of rules related to content, like the magazine one, that doesn't specify anything related to the format:
  2. A per type of media when it can be combined (vimeo and Youtube, probably twitter and Facebook, a separate one to Instagram, another for blogs [including magazine]) where we set the minimum quality expected for the material.

I wrote a policy targeted to the YouTube channel feel free to use it as starting point. It's already separated in 3 parts:

  • Content
  • Format
  • Process to get content published

The content part could be used in general, the format part is video related, and the process is where Council got "uncomfortable" with the probable amount of work that this could bring to their hands and pass the ball to Mindshare


Council's docs have a section to put Policies, but my ticket was denied to be there, even when the content was approved; so I think if the Mindshare Committee will take these policies, a new section should be created for that.

After a while and when we gain track, we should create a "media team" (I know there was a number of attempts, but Mindshare have been super successful communicating with the community, a thing I feel very proud about) that could curate the content in their own repo, using tags to separate per social media (because the part 2 of my proposal).

In the case the latest got created and approved, the Mindshare Committee should be consulted when something borderline the content policy, because we need to face the truth, that's going to happen (look at comments on the magazine to see how people got "passionate" when a content is controversial like something being way too open source and less Free Software)

Hi @x3mboy thank you for opening this ticket! I am a little late adding notes, but we discussed this in our weekly Mindshare meeting on Dec 16th. Here is a summary:

  • It would be nice to make general content guidelines with "ride-ons" for each platform (e.g. Twitter, Youtube), that way all the info is centralized. (Idea for a name: Fedora Media Contribution Guide)
  • This would be a cool way for creative folks to get involved & contributing
  • Weave in "contextual upselling" to our recommendations for content creation.. for example: if we have videos on how to use fedora IoT.. add in a graphic saying "want to create videos like this? click here for how to get started"
  • In order to attract content contributors, we should provide some workshops and other resources

Some questions to consider:
- How many people are creating content that the guide will apply to?
- Can we get more folks who are already creating content to help develop/maintain these guidelines?

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