#305 Discussion on how to improve/maintain virtual event success - Release Parties & Nest
Opened 5 months ago by riecatnor. Modified 5 months ago

I am working on wrap up for the Fedora Linux 35 Release Party. The event was a success overall, with almost 600 registrations. Unfortunately, we did experience a drop in turnout from the F34 event- from 78% to 47%. Let's talk about what could have been the issue, and how we can address that for next time. From my side, there were no big organizational changes around the two events.

Potential reasons:
- virtual fatigue
- not enough, or not the right content
- the novelty of online events has worn off, people already know what will be at the release party and are fine skipping it
- random fluke, people had other engagements, maybe other events going on?

This ticket should discuss any other issues people may see around virtual events (in general or specific to Fedora)- and how we might overcome them. Ideas, suggestions, resources, blog posts, etc, all welcome to inform the conversation. How can we make our virtual events engaging long term? What do people find most interesting/beneficial/attractive at virtual events and how can we work to improve those aspects for ours?

The Mindshare Committee discussed this earlier in the week at their regular meeting. Some comments from the meeting:

@riecatnor -> I feel like the solution here is to give people more control of what happens at the event, or somehow participate in a more engaging way
It made me think of Ambassadors, and also local Fedora groups such as Fedora Mexico
what if for the next release party we reached out to local Fedora groups with an invitation to organize something on hopin during the release party? we could give them a list of suggestions such as: workshops/demos, talks, social hours, a specialized hallway track session. Each interested group could have 1-2 people added into hopin to allow them to set things up

@bt0dotninja -> Yeah, maybe we need more diverse talks, we always have first-class speakers but engaging local communities sounds great
Fedora Mexico always is looking for new spaces for talks and events
We don't miss a single month talk since the last year

@siddharthvipul1 -> I would discuss this with Fedora India members
I am sure it would be great

Looking forward to thoughts from other folks on the team. I really like the idea of starting to bringing in Ambassadors into virtual event planning, as it seems we will be doing it for the foreseeable future. The Fedora Community Outreach Revamp team is making good progress, you can see the WIP happening on https://docs.fedoraproject.org/en-US/commops/, and their are plans to start a monthly Ambassador call, https://discussion.fedoraproject.org/t/fedora-community-outreach-revamp-halloween-update/34568/3

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