#304 Fedora Swags link only Works with RedHat Internal Account
Closed: Complete 2 years ago by till. Opened 2 years ago by bytehackr.

Fedora Swags on Red Hat Cool Staff Store is only available when a Redhat Employee Login.
It's Not Available via Public Account.


Error Message while Public Account is:
"There are currently no products in this category."

Hi @bytehackr thank you for opening this ticket- I am working with our vendor to understand if there are some limitations I am unaware of, or if we are running into a bug. I will drop updates here when I have them.

I get the same error message as a Red Hat employee. @mattdm was assuming it is based on location.

It is still broken for me as a Red Hat employee.

Hi @till I have been informed that they made some kind of adjustment for those accessing the store from EMEA- can you try again?

@bytehackr if you are stilling running into this issue, please send an email to mnordin (at) redhat (dot) com with the email address you are using to access the Cool Stuff Store. I will pass that onto customer service so they can look into what is happening. Thanks!

It works for me (from EMEA).

Thank you, works now for me. @bytehackr I'll assume that it will also work for you. If not, please re-open this ticket or file a new one.

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2 years ago

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