#298 Fedora Museum WorkAdventure Sustainability
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We have an amazing custom virtual space called the Fedora Museum. It uses the WorkAdventure Platform, and was designed by @dhairya15 during her Outreachy internship.

Link: https://play.workadventu.re/@/mindshare-committee/nestwithfedora/fedoramuseum

After a couple experiences use WorkAdventure and the Fedora Museum, there are some things I think we should do to make it a bit more sustainable. Let's use this ticket to coordinate that work.

  1. Ask @dhairya15 to provide some documentation on her process
  2. Create a page on Mindshare docs
  3. Create a template for requesting use of the Fedora Museum for the Mindshare pagure repo
  4. Solidify a calendar solution to ensure no overlapping events (Fedocal?)
  5. Promote the service for Fedorans to use for Fedora related social gatherings/events

Hey! I'm gonna have my mid-semester exams soon so things are slightly hectic for me right now, but I'll be really happy to get done with the documentation in my break :)

I can work on the request template for the repo.

Thanks @bt0dotninja ! We will need to gather the following in the template:
event description,
approximate number of attendees,
contact person
secondary contact person (mark as optional)

Was discuss during todays Mindshare meeting 2022-08-30 what needs to be updated in the Workadventure for the Fedora 37 Online Release Party, removing of the expired QR code for a badge was suggested and moving the repo to somewhere where everyone can see it

moved, the template is now a merge request in gitlab

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