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Mindshare visibility issues
As a team we have noticed that the Mindshare Committee is still an unknown to a lot of people. This isn't just a guess, we have plenty of examples:
- observations from conversations with fellow contributors
- small amount of nominees for Mindshare Committee during elections, and also a lot less people voting (versus FESCO or Council vote numbers)
- preview of Community Survey question about where folks go when they need resources, Mindshare was one of the least chosen responses
- through the work on the Revamp we found Ambassadors were unable to adapt Mindshare processes (for a variety of reasons)
- our own personal experiences before we became a part of the Committee

I propose we develop a Mindshare infographic that focuses on the practical functions as the team. It should be simple, easy to read, translatable, with the modern Fedora design aesthetic. I consider this to be tangential to the Revamp, and @dhairya15 is our current design intern working on Revamp design tasks. We discussed the task and she is going to take it on.

What we need to do first is to develop what will be on the infographic! Let's talk about this in our upcoming meeting and get an outline so @dhairya15 can start a draft.

"A group of people from across Fedora" seems to be too generic for me since this fits any commitee/group in Fedora. Maybe use something like "Representatives from outreach groups". And it might be more accessible for newcomers if it avoids abbreviations like "Reps", CommOps and FCAIC.
In the last cloud, I miss bullet points and it seems to be too much text.

Regarding the link at the bottom "Want to learn more". I believe it would be beneficial to have a shorter URL that is easier to type, for example:


which will redirect to the docs page.

Just wondering, where is the infographic going to be used?

Hi there! I showed this to a couple folks, and also brought it the Design Team meeting this week. Based on all the feedback I received, I made several edits:
- reduced the leading between "Mindshare" and "Committee" in the heading
- played with the cloud shapes to try to help lead the eye from bubble 1->2->3
- removed abbreviations (i.e. CommOps -> Community Operations)
- Revised the text in the last bubble to be shorter and "evergreen" so that it is not year specific
- Replaced the URL with a QR code


@till Thank you for the feedback!
My thinking for the "A group of people across Fedora" phrasing was that we have elected representatives that can truly be from any group in Fedora. I do agree most of these are focused on outreach, but they also have their own goals and projects they work on (Web & Apps Team for example). I think "representatives from outreach groups" puts a limit on it and could be perceived as exclusive. It would be great it all folks in Fedora saw Mindshare as something they can be a part of.

I have a couple ideas of how this infographic can be used:
- Add it to the Mindshare Docs somewhere that is easily linkable, probably on its own page
- Add it to the CommOps docs that are currently being revamped.. Most likely under "Mindshare Infographics" https://docs.fedoraproject.org/en-US/commops/design-assets/mindshare-infographics/
- This infographic is meant primarily for internal outreach and education
- This infographic can be used by mentors/outreach teams/anyone in Fedora who wants to share or understand what Mindshare Committee does
- This infographic can be used as part of the Fedora Community Outreach Revamp & for Ambassadors/Advocates. We are getting close to a kick off call for Ambassadors- who will need to work with the Mindshare Committee regularly
- Mindshare Committee members can share this with others who wonder what we do

@riecatnor thank you for taking my feedback into account. Explaining the abbreviations made me learn that CommOps is not Communication Operations. It looks more approachable now due to less text.

Regarding the title for the "group of people" - how about "People interested in outreach and communication activities" or some other commonality. (I used activities to avoid using "work" ;-)) - maybe "activities" can be omitted, too. That's for a native speaker to decide.
Regarding the Web & Apps team - to me the website is outreach work, basically every communication to the outside is.

Regarding the bubble "Whose primary goals are to" - not sure if the relation to the first bubble is always clear. Also, maybe this could be written in first person, like "Our goals are" or "We want" - then the first bubble could be "We are" and the last one is "We do".

Regarding the QR code:
The text above the QR code seems to be too much, too. And I still think a short URL would be great there to make it more approachable (I can request this from infrastructure if you agree). It would also allow to have a smaller QR code.

Learn more:
[QR Code]
[Fedora Logo]

  • The "Learn more:" can probably also be omitted since everyone seeing the QR code or the URL will probably assume that they will learn more.
  • Instead of the Fedora logo, maybe use the mindshare logo from https://docs.fedoraproject.org/en-US/mindshare-committee/_images/mindshare-logo.png or use the mindshare logo at the top instead of "The Fedora Project Mindshare committee" and skip the logo at the bottom.
  • Currently the bottoms seems to be a bit packed and the Fedora logo after the QR code does not please my eye.
  • Also, Fedora is the project, so it could be "The Fedora Mindshare Committee" to reduce the text more

Regarding the usage:
- If it is used online, the QR code is not necessary, that would mostly be useful for prints or presentations
- Since the bigger goal is to raise awareness of Mindshare, it would be good to have a specific plan to deliver it to audiences that do not know Mindshare, yet. Since twitter was mentioned, could be nice to post it there. It might also be nice to do this as a series of several infographics (not sure if there is capacity to do this), but having further infographics for the groups that are mentionend in bubble 1 would allow to post several ones as a series out mindshare and outreach

Since there are also discussions about creating more content for Youtube, would it be possible for you to do this in a sketchnote style video like https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=502ILHjX9EE - also a howto create such sketchnote videos on Fedora would be great content. To me these sketchnote explanations are very appealing so it would be awesome for Fedora to provide those.

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