#244 Fedora Ambassador Outreach Survey
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Survey Request Template

This template can be used by anyone who wants to request a survey on Fedora Project's instance LimeSurvey (should be related to Fedora project use cases).
The requests are monitored and acted upon by mindshare. Vote of the FCAIC is compulsory for this ticket.
Once approved, please share a survey structure file (.lss) exported from the your personal LimeSurvey account (to know how: visit https://manual.limesurvey.org/Display/Export_survey)

For details about these ticket types, please read:

Items marked with asterisk (*) are mandatory fields. These tickets are
designed to be easy to do. Therefore feel free to use bullet points
and simple language.

  1. Full Name : sumantrom
  2. FAS ID*
  3. Start Date* 2020-12-07
  4. End date* 2021-01-11
  5. Motivation*
  6. Pagure ticket, Wiki Page or related event* https://hackmd.io/dMFelaoqRxia3GMII99iew?view
  7. Target Audience* Existing Ambassadors
  8. Survey Name* Fedora Ambassador Outreach Survery
  9. Base Language (Default English) English
  10. Welcome Message* Hello, and thank you for taking time to complete this survey regarding the future of Fedora Ambassadors and community outreach. This survey is part of the larger initiative: Fedora’s Community Outreach Revamp Objective. To learn more visit this page: https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/Objectives/CommunityOutreachRevamp
  11. Number of Questions* 19
  12. Questions with question types, the types available on LimeSurvey are here

@riecatnor please bless us with your approval

@sumantrom @siddharthvipul1 LGTM!

@sumantrom as it's approved, the next step would be for the requester to share .lss format export. Since it's for ttf and I would like to help as much as I can, I can create it for you unless you already have it ready

I have not yet created it. If you can do it, it will be awesome!

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7 months ago

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@sumantrom I have created the survey
Please check the attached pdf
If you see something that needs a change, let me know here.
Also, I can share the link here and it will be activated on the date you have mentioned in the ticket.


@siddharthvipul1 This looks good to me, I have two suggestions to questions. One is easy, one is maybe not.

Easy one: "What has kept you from joining" question. Consider adding an option, "But I am already involved!"

Complex one: I want to push back a bit on how we collect data about regions. I suggest these options (which are not acronyms and are more specific than grouping Europe and Africa together into one, and all of Asia into one mega-group):

  • North America (a.k.a. NA, no change)
  • South and Latin Americas, and the Caribbean (a.k.a. LATAM, no change)
  • Europe and Central Asia
  • East Asia and the Pacific
  • Eastern and Southern Africa
  • Middle East and North Africa
  • South Asia
  • West and Central Africa

Each of these regions can have vastly different and sometimes very similar challenges and needs. I like these options better because it will better help to apply a geographic analysis to survey responses, especially with the Ambassador program (which means very different things to people in different regions sometimes). These options provide more geographic and cultural context to responses, but they are generic enough where I do not think this is Personally-Identifiable Information.

@jflory7 both of these changes look good to me. +1

@jflory7 your suggestions look good to me. Thanks for the feedback!

@siddharthvipul1 I assume you can include them when preparing the survey. :)

@siddharthvipul1 I assume you can include them when preparing the survey. :)

Survey will activated on Dec 7th, 2020 at 00:00 UTC and will expire on Jan 11th, 2021 at 23:59 UTC

Link: https://fedoraproject.limequery.com/679163?lang=en

I have attached the pdf with the updated options


Survey will be activated on Dec 7th, 2020 at 00:00 UTC and will expire on Jan 11th, 2021 at 23:59 UTC

@siddharthvipul1 awesome! Thank you! 😁

Results were shared with @sumantrom (original requester) in csv format. If anything else needed, please reach out to me or just comment here (with tagging me so I don't miss it)
Closing this ticket as complete

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