#217 Virtual Release party plans and Idea
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This is a proposal where we can discuss how to utilize this pandemic situation to connect to more people who have been unable to join a Release Party.
Here's a basic idea, if you agree to these, drop agreement else more ideas :)

We are planning to have a couple of virtual release parties in different timezones so everyone can attend the one that suits them. If nothing suits your time, discuss with an ambassador who can organize one for your timezone (or you can do it, it's easy). Just open a ticket on mindshare that you want to organize one, come up with a time/date/call link and share it on comm blog/twitter/fb...

Organize a virtual release party where you talk what’s new in Fedora, discuss something fun, play games and

  • Share a blog of what happened
  • if possible, a clip of raising a toast to f32
  • Share photos (in grid view with your tea/coffee/champagne/milk/lemonade...)

Tell us

  • Your 1st/2nd/...18th release party?
  • How you got started with the Fedora project and people who helped you on the way
  • What you like about the community
  • Where you are from (region, not address)

As we discussed, this is brilliant idea and I support it. +1 from my side.
Rightly said, in times like these, we should celebrate the release and raise a toast for Fedora project which binds all of us together like a family


How about collaborating with different countries whose Timezones are similar i.e: Pakistan & India (It's 30 mins difference) to gain good audience who are potentially interested/contributing to Fedora.

That way, we would be able to connect with others in similar regions, share ideas and gather insights to increase the user experience for Nest with Fedora too.

This idea rocks! We discussed in the Mindshare Committee meeting today, and it seems we are a bit late for F32. We came to a consensus to direct the work towards making this a success for F33 release.


Metadata Update from @hhlp:
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3 years ago

With HopIn we can hold 72 hour events. The idea here is to run one 72 hour event, with different sessions for each local release party. We can add on some general socials, hallway tracks, etc. More info to come on that. For now, let's look at dates:

October 30, 31, Nov 1st
Nov 6, 7, 8
Nov 13, 14, 15

We will send these dates out for consideration, but if Mindshare would like to give input here, that would be helpful.

List of release party organizers since F27

  • aeperezt
  • anxh3l0
  • blackfile
  • bt0dotninja
  • cheese
  • darkaxl017
  • fedorauser
  • frantisekz
  • ichavero
  • jonatoni
  • josereyesjdi
  • lbazan
  • lkf
  • marianab
  • mmarusak
  • mstanke
  • nasirhm
  • nmilosev
  • ompragash
  • pnemade
  • potty
  • pravins
  • pyadav
  • rathann
  • rluzynski
  • rtalwatk
  • siddharthvipul1
  • srkraken
  • sumantrom
  • suprith4989
  • williamjmorenor

Ok! We now have access to HopIn. We are sharing this account with the Open Source Program Office at Red Hat, which supports other open source communities as well. That means we need to request dates in advance for access. There is no limitation on number of the events, the limitation comes from the organizer spots within the platform. There are 10 spots. From my experience with Nest with Fedora, an event of that size can be managed with 3-5 organizers pre-event and during.

This is the info we will need to gather to request dates.

Hopin Platform Event Intake Form
Thank you for your interest in using the Hopin platform for your upcoming event.

This form will be reviewed by the Mindshare Committee and they will provide feedback and/or vote on the event. The forms will then be submitted for date accessibility. Once the request has been approved, Mindshare Committee will reach out to you to start coordinating your use of the Hopin platform.

Primary Event Manager

Additional Event Managers

Event Name

Brief Description of the Event

Date(s) + Time(s) of the Event (72 hour max)

Please include start + end time (72 hour max)

Estimated registrations for the event
Note: Hopin charges per registration not per attendee.

Hopin defines organizers as those people who are working on the back-end to set-up the event. Note: we are limited to 8 or 9 organizers total, which will need to be shared among events that are being coordinated in Hopin during the same time frame. Organizers are also those who have administrator access on the day of the event to help moderate and troubleshoot.

How many members of your planning team will need to be coded as organizers in the system pre-event?

How many members of your team will need to be coded as organizers in the system during the event?

Are you using Hopin for your event registration? If no, what platform are you using for registration?

Would you like to contact event attendees after the event? If so, when and what information will you be sharing?

I had a chat with @bcotton and we decided the weekend of the 30th was cutting it close to the release, so I moved the dates up one weekend to the following:

  1. November 6th - 8th
  2. November 13th - 15th
  3. November 20th-22nd

I opened a ticket to gather preferences, please comment there on your individual preference:

Hi! We reviewed https://pagure.io/fedora-mindshare/virtual-events/issue/1 in the Mindshare Committee meeting and we are going to move forward with the dates of November 6-8th.

@sayaksarkar is going to create a template we can use in the virtual-events repo

Notes from Mindshare Committee Meeting September 23rd 2020

  • Create a series of Hallway tracks for different languages. We will need to determine which languages to include.

  • Social events! We agreed to run one of each of these events:
    We will put the events on two days so people can attend both if they want and not in the same day. Exact timing to follow, we will need to create a wiki page for sign ups and advertise that.

  • Programming
    Do we want to do a CfP or ask specific individuals to present specific topics?

I have created an issue with a draft of the issue template at https://pagure.io/fedora-mindshare/virtual-events/issue/2

Please review. I'll push the template to the repo if it looks good.

Mindshare Committee Meeting Notes:

Hallway Track (needs review)
@bt0dotninja to look into this further.

Languages to include:

Call for interest open here for social events: https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/F33_Virtual_Release_Party_Event_Signup
Blog post to publish on Monday with f/u of tweets/telegram/irc/mailing lists

Programming notes/ideas
- sessions on changes in the F33 release
- objectives updates
- bodies of governance q&a/panel sessions
- session from CPE
- Mindshare committee to come up with a proposed schedule with appropriate topics related to above mixed with social events.
- From there we will identify and contact the appropriate individuals

Hello everyone

I took a sample of 16530 contributors with some activities since 2017, get the country, and looking for the official language per country from this source. I think using the top 15 of languages list is a good idea (covers 89.37% of the sample). :smile:

The current distribution of the sample is this:


And the languages have this distribution (using only the most spoken language in a country):

language members
English 6691
Hindi 1630
German 1117
Spanish 924
Portuguese 854
Czech 645
French 574
Chinese 440
Russian 417
Dutch 387
Italian 344
Polish 254
Arabic 207
Swedish 166
Indonesian 123
Japanese 115
Ukrainian 112
Hebrew 101
Turkish 93
Danish 92
Romanian 88
Finnish 86
Slovak 80
Modern Greek (1453-) 80
Norwegian Bokmål 79
zh_Hant 73
Hungarian 55
Bulgarian 54
Sinhala 49
Malay (macrolanguage) 45
Urdu 43
Korean 41
Vietnamese 40
Swahili (macrolanguage) 40
Bengali 39
Serbian 35
Croatian 31
Central Khmer 29
Belarusian 28
Slovenian 21
Burmese 20
Albanian 19
Estonian 19
Thai 18
Latvian 15
Lithuanian 14
Nepali (macrolanguage) 14
Georgian 11
Akan 10
Guarani 7
Bosnian 7
Azerbaijani 6
Icelandic 6
Armenian 6
Malagasy 5
Shona 5
Persian 5
Catalan 4
Macedonian 3
Mongolian 2
Maltese 2
Amharic 2
sr_Latn 1
Uzbek 1
Southern Sotho 1
Lao 1
Wolof 1
Bislama 1
tpi 1
Kinyarwanda 1

This data is not completely accurate is just an approximation because if you live in a particular country doesn't mean you speak the most widely used language.

By example, in India, I saw 22 official Regional languages:

  • languagePopulation type= hi populationPercent= 41 officialStatus= official references= R1066 Hindi
  • languagePopulation type= en populationPercent= 19 officialStatus= official references= R1033 English
  • languagePopulation type= bn populationPercent= 8.1 officialStatus= official_regional references= R1195 Bangla
  • languagePopulation type= te populationPercent= 7.2 officialStatus= official_regional references= R1195 Telugu
  • languagePopulation type= mr populationPercent= 7 officialStatus= official_regional references= R1195 Marathi
  • languagePopulation type= ta populationPercent= 5.9 officialStatus= official_regional references= R1195 Tamil
  • languagePopulation type= ur populationPercent= 5 officialStatus= official_regional references= R1195 Urdu
  • languagePopulation type= gu populationPercent= 4.5 officialStatus= official_regional references= R1195 Gujarati
  • languagePopulation type= kn populationPercent= 3.7 officialStatus= official_regional references= R1195 Kannada
  • languagePopulation type= ml populationPercent= 3.2 officialStatus= official_regional references= R1195 Malayalam
  • languagePopulation type= or populationPercent= 3.2 officialStatus= official_regional references= R1195 Odia
  • languagePopulation type= pa populationPercent= 2.8 officialStatus= official_regional references= R1195 Punjabi
  • languagePopulation type= as populationPercent= 1.3 officialStatus= official_regional Assamese
  • languagePopulation type= mai populationPercent= 1.2 officialStatus= official_regional references= R1195 Maithili
  • languagePopulation type= ne populationPercent= 0.56 officialStatus= official_regional Nepali
  • languagePopulation type= sat populationPercent= 0.55 officialStatus= official_regional Santali
  • languagePopulation type= ks populationPercent= 0.41 officialStatus= official_regional Kashmiri
  • languagePopulation type= kok populationPercent= 0.37 officialStatus= official_regional Konkani
  • languagePopulation type= sd populationPercent= 0.26 officialStatus= official_regional Sindhi
  • languagePopulation type= kha literacyPercent= 29 populationPercent= 0.08 officialStatus= official_regional Khasi
  • languagePopulation type= sd_Deva populationPercent= 0.026 officialStatus= official_regional references= R1102 Sindhi Devanagari
  • languagePopulation type= sa populationPercent= 0.0012 officialStatus= official_regional references= R1197 Sanskrit

Notes from Mindshare Meeting October 7th

We will choose the top 7 languages to create hallway tracks, and we will poll attendees to see if they want more. English, Hindi, German, Spanish, Portuguese, Czech, French.

Please continue to promote and share the event sign up:

@nasirhm & @siddharthvipul1 will work on making a survey to garner more interest for the social events, as the wiki page could be prohibitive for some people.

We agreed in the meeting to use virtual-events repo to organize further work on the Release Party. @riecatnor to open various tickets on the major aspects of work.

Notes & Feedback from November 11th Mindshare Committee Meeting:

Next year we should do one day instead of two.
- Two ideas for format:
- Lightning talk session at the beginning of the day with a bunch of updates, a couple topics broken out into longer sessions later
- Less topics, each get 1/2 hour

We are skipping a survey for this event as we just had FWD, and prior, Nest, and the community is survey saturated currently.

To Do:

CommBlog Post
- Upload poll data to this ticket @riecatnor
- Poll data into graphs @bt0dotninja
- Draft post

- Upload videos into folder & share @riecatnor
- Video editing @thunderbirdtr @bcotton
- Uploading @x3mboy @bt0dotninja

Cool, I will work on the graphs :)

I generate a more friendly file to make the plots

Metadata Update from @riecatnor:
- Issue unmarked as depending on: #234

2 years ago

Metadata Update from @riecatnor:
- Issue close_status updated to: Complete
- Issue status updated to: Closed (was: Open)

2 years ago

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