#215 [Call for Votes][New Seat] Mentored Project Represenative
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Since sometime in recent past Fedora has been participating in fedora has been a participant of GSoC, GCI and Outreachy. All the three are program which runs throughout the year and need attention of a dedicated person.
In recent past, Mindshare meetings saw a good number of voices urging mindshare to have a selected seat assigned to a someone who will be taking care of the following responsibilities.

  • Making sure GSoC, GCI, GSoD and outreachy applications are submitted on time
  • Coordinating with GSoC, GCI, GSoD and Outreachy admins for common work like interns' intro interviews, weekly/biweekly/monthly reports on their work, community involvement, etc
  • Identify and segregate projects suggested on mentored project issues for GSoC/Outreachy/GSoD
  • Explore similar programs that can fit in mentored projects and see if it's feasible (like rails girls)
  • Market and spread news of summer coding programs with other SIG members to attract more participation
  • Be one point of contact for communication around relevant topics.
  • Be involved in mindshare committee with ticket approvals, decision making, and other things that mindshare seat is expected to do.
  • Attend weekly meetings (if possible)
  • Retain students and effectively show the students the pathway to be long term Fedora contributor

I would like the current Mindshare to vote and people give feedbacks. GSoC and Outreachy are currently running and we would want to have the seat in place.
The FCAIC will signoff after the voting is done and we would like to covert this into a doc file and put under Mentored Project for visibility.

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