#20 Some Feedback on Mindshare Documentation
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Regarding the Mindshare documentation located here:

A few comments:
1. The word "targets" in line 3 of the Introduction seems awkward.
2. Perhaps the intro could quickly define what Mindshare is and why have one.
3. Line 7: hold -> held
4. Line 7: some more -> additional
5. Line 7: make sure -> guarantee the
6. Line 7: Delete "can be guaranteed"
7. Line 9: The parenthetical (outreach teams rely on the work of other groups) seems awkward.
8. Line 9: will get out -> disseminates
9. Line 9: The "working out..." section seems like it could be a new sentence or is run-on or ??
10. Line 10: After the first sentence, add "Examples of these include report templates or an annual short survey." Delete: "Not only by providing report templates, but also by asking them once a year to compile a short survey. "
11. Line 10: Change the last sentence to read: "This can help gauge how active ambassadors are.
12. Line 11: Change first sentence to: Motivation of contributors to work also in other groups, thereby facilitating access to funding and encouraging more autonomy.

Awesome, thanks. A super-good way to provide this kind of feedback in a way that's easy for authors to digest is by forking the repo (see the button up near the top right of this page), making the edits directly (you can even do it in your browser if you're not comfortable with using git on your local system), and then submitting a pull request (again through the web interface).

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This ticket is marked for completion by the end of the Fedora 29 release cycle. Several changes to the Mindshare docs were published in the last four months. I am closing this ticket as complete, and if we need to revisit, we can reopen or file a new ticket.

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