#105 Funding request: production of Fedora handbooks
Closed: Complete 5 years ago by bex. Opened 5 years ago by eischmann.

We've finished another edition of Fedora hadbooks (see https://pagure.io/ambassadors/fedora-handbook).

They're completely out of stock, ambassadors have started complaining that they don't have them to give them away at events.

That's why I'd like to produce 500 of them (in English) for EMEA.

I got a quote from a local printing agency. The total cost would be 8980 CZK (~$400).

Release Parties are coming and this is a good thing to start with. I am concerned that if we print 500 of them before the Logo change which is due in some time, won't that be a problem?

P.S : I am +1 on the request for asking budget and the amount for the Fedora Handbooks. I took one at FOSDEM and It is a very useful resource.

I propose that we work through this approval. There is an open up/down vote for a logo change. If the logo change will be effective within 2 months, I can print less and then print more after the change. If it is more than 2 months from now, let's print these and run them out.

I am +1 to this and further believe we should make sure these are an option for the entire world. I can put some of these in different places to make shipping/printing easier. See also the new swag policy ticket I am opening.

This is approved. @eischmann please work with me on the printing directly.

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5 years ago

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