Know the forecast of the next hours & days.

Developed with Vala & Gtk,using OpenWeatherMap API (



  • Current weather, with information about temperature, pressure, wind speed and direction, sunrise & sunset.
  • Forecast for next 18 hours.
  • Forecast for next five days.
  • Choose your units (metric, imperial or british).
  • Choose your city, with maps help.
  • Awesome maps with weather info.
  • System tray indicator.

How To Install

For Ubuntu and derivates:

You can add my PPA at, only for bionic and disco releases:

sudo add-apt-repository ppa:bitseater/ppa
sudo apt update
sudo apt install com.gitlab.bitseater.meteo

For Debian and derivates:

You can download the last .deb package from:

Package: Debian 10

For Fedora:

Meteo is availiable in Official Fedora repo:

sudo dnf install meteo

Also, you can add my Copr repository:

sudo dnf copr enable bitseater/meteo
sudo dnf update
sudo dnf install meteo

For Arch and derivates:

Available in the Arch User Repository: meteo-gtk

You will need an AUR Helper like yay to install:

yay -S meteo-gtk

Flatpak package:

You can install the flatpak package with:

flatpak install --from

Or if you have added Flathub repository with:

flatpak install flathub com.gitlab.bitseater.meteo

Snap package:

Snap package is available at Meteo in Snap Store

I've added it at the request of the users, but I don't give support to Snap.You can install it, at your own risk, from terminal:

sudo snap install meteo

Packaging status:

Packaging status


Many OS have discontinued the AppIndicator/Ayatana Indicator support. So in order to use it, you can install manually.

Configuration -> Preferences -> General -> Activate indicator support (Cinnamon restart required) ----

How To Build

Library Dependencies :

  • gtk+-3.0
  • libsoup-2.4
  • json-glib-1.0
  • geocode-glib-1.0
  • webkit2gtk-4.0
  • appindicator3-0.1
  • meson

For advanced users!

git clone
cd meteo
./ -b

New on release 0.9.8:

  • Indicator icon issue fixed.
  • Fixed some lintian warnings on packaging.

Fixed issues: #125, #128, #129.

Other screenshots:

A map with temperatures by Dark Sky Screenshot

About Meteo window: Screenshot

Indicator in panel / system tray: Screenshot