#71 Add varlink support to Nmstate
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This is a proposed project for Google Summer of Code

Skill level: Intermediate
Skills required: Python, Linux shell, REST api, LInux Networking (basic)
Mentor(s): Fernando Fernandez Mancera, Till Maas (Helping with mentoring) and Gris Ge (Helping with mentoring).
Contacts (IRC & email): ffmancera, ferferna@redhat.com

Idea description

Nmstate is a python library (libnmstate) and a command line tool (nmstatectl) that manages host networking settings in a declarative manner. https://nmstate.github.io/

There are some users that want to run nmstate in systems that do not have or do not support python. In order to solve this issue, the student would implement the varlink support to use nmstate from other languages. https://varlink.org/

Till have implemented a Proof of Concept for this task so the user is able to use it to understand how varlink works and how to proceed. https://github.com/tyll/varlink-nmstate

Ideally, kubernetes-nmstate should be update to use varlink. This is not a must.


  • Code of the varlink nmstate support
  • Basic usage documentation (User README)
  • Code documentation (Not very detailed, just general comments on how is the code structured)

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