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This is a proposed project for Google Summer of Code

Skill level: Intermediate
Skills required: Python, Flask, Container basics, REST API, webdesign (CSS & javascript)
Mentor(s): Hunor Csomortáni
Contacts (IRC & email): csomh, csomhâ‚Šgsoc@redhat.com

Idea description

Packit project currently has an extremely basic dashboard with very little information in it. We’d love to have more tables, more data, charts and all the shiny stuff, in order to make it easier to get an insight of how the service operates and how users interact with it.

We’re looking for these views:

  • Listing for recent build and test runs
  • The same listing but per project
  • A chart of usage - how many tasks are executed in a given time of a day
  • Details for projects and builds

This task has a challenge - our API doesn’t provide most of the data needed to accomplish this. So the expectation here is to work with the upstream project (us) to come up with a final design, provide the data and develop the dashboard.


  • Code in packit-service/dashboard with the functionality.
  • OpenShift templates and Ansible playbooks in packit-service/{dashboard,deployment} so that we can deploy it in our openshift cluster.
  • Tests to verify that the proposed code works.
  • The updated dashboard deployed in production.

This task looks great. Thank you @csomh for this :)

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Can you give a general outline of what you would expect an intern to complete each week?

Hey @labbott :wave:

My understanding is that milestones will be worked out together with the students once their application is selected. Am I missing something?

Yes, you will work out the final schedule with the intern but it's also important to know what you want to accomplish before then. From past experience with Outreachy and GSoC it's really useful to actually write down the milestones beforehand even if they get adjusted later.

Hi, I'm a GSoC 2020 aspirant and I'm interested in this project :) May I know if this project also involves UI/UX Design on top of Web Design? Thanks!

Hi @tanhengyeow :wave:

There will be some design work required before doing the dashboard, and of course Packit team would like to have a dashboard with a decent UI/UX at the end, but I don't think UI/UX is the most relevant theme of this project.

Hey @csomh,

I would like to work on this project, can you please provide some pointers regarding where, to begin with since I have signed the FPCA. Also, I would like to get in touch with you as I have a few queries regarding the API design related to the upstream project.

Hey @rafayghafoor, please drop me an email at csomh@redhat.com, thanks!

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