#69 Packit can work with GitLab
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This is a proposed project for Google Summer of Code

  • Skill level: Intermediate
  • Skills required: Python, Flask, Container basics, REST API
  • Mentor: Frantisek Lachman
  • Contact: flachman@redhat.com
  • IRC: lachmanfrantisek

Idea description

Packit project has native support exclusively for GitHub now. There were
numerous requests from the community to add support for GitLab as well. So here
we are - are you up for the challenge to implement support for GitLab in
packit-service so that it can process events from GitLab API and return
feedback of successful builds or failed tests back into the merge request?
Please bear in mind that GitLab and GitHub use slightly different workflows
(pipelines vs. external CI systems) so design work needs to be done before
writing code.

What are we looking for

  • Code in Packit service repository which makes packit understand the gitlab events
  • Packit is able to talk to a GitLab server API and:
    • Comment on merge request
    • Report check results (builds, tests)
  • On-board at least a single project from GNOME gitlab instance to use packit.

Notes & references:

With continuous growth of packit and it being a very important part of several future plans, I really see this as a great project where community and the student will gain a lot. @ttomecek, thank you for coming again this year with a great project.

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