#46 Improving Fedora Android App
Closed 2 years ago by bex. Opened 2 years ago by amitosh.

  • Difficulty : Intermediate
  • Technology: Android, HTML, CSS, Cordova, Angular, Javascript, Ionic
  • Mentor : Amitosh Swain Mahapatra <amitosh@fedoraproject.org>


Fedora has an android app which lets a user browse the magazine, Fedora Ask, browse the calendar etc within it.


  • Make the app available on other platforms
  • Implement new integrations based on community interest

Repo : https://pagure.io/Fedora-app


  • iOS port of the app (publishing on app store is not a deliverable)
  • App backend for interfacing with 3rd party APIs to API limits
  • Integrate with FMN
  • Search and integrate with more Fedora services

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2 years ago

listed on the ideas page - closing this

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2 years ago

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