#43 I want to be General Mentor
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in particular for the Commops/Fedora-Join/Marketing teams where I'm active


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@bt0dotninja can you please put some of your skills?

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This appears to be closed in error. @bt0dotninja please let us know the skills we can list next to your name.

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My bad . Thanks Bex for re opening.

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Hi. I am himanshu. I would love to be a mentor in outreachy program with fedora. Could anyone list the requisites that need to be fulfilled.

Have a nice day.
Peace out.

Technical Skills:

  • Python Programming (FAS/FEDMSG data analysis )
  • Linux Sysadmin
  • Network Administration
  • C/C++ Programming
  • Numerical optimization and evolutive algorithms for Multi Objective optimization

Fedora activities:

  • CommOps member
  • Marketing member
  • Fedora Join member
  • Fedora Ambassador
  • Mindshare Member

Wishing to be added as a General mentor as well,
Authentication tooling
Design schemas, especially in the arena of scaling
Linux Sysadmin (Fedora + RHEL 7.x -- run 7.6 at home)
Code Review and analysis

Respins SIG
Ambassador SIG
Join SIG

Many other SIG involvement have gone dormant on account of time (or lack thereof)

@linuxmodder are you still willing? I am very very sorry for the delayed response here. I missed this one.

Even I would like to volunteer to be a general mentor. Apart from community engagement, It'll give me a good enough incentive to get aquainted with the projects.

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