#140 Make AI understand NetworkManager logs
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This is a proposed project for Google Summer of Code

  • Skill level: entry/junior
  • Skills required: ML, AI, git, python, shell, networking, markdown (for docs)
  • Mentor(s): Fernando F. Mancera, Iñigo Huguet, Wen Liang
  • Contacts (IRC & email):

  • Idea description:

AI summarizer or abstract generation is widely deployed and utilized in various applications,
which saves people’s time from reading lengthy or even garbled text.

Analyzing the NetworkManager log is hard for new developers or users, sometimes it is time-consuming to summarize the networking behavior from the NetworkManager log. With the assistance of an AI summarizer, we should expect the model to parse and understand the NM log, and give a summary of the networking behavior with a confidence score and the verbose level of the summary can also be easily controlled. With the assistance of this TUI tool, the developers and users can analyze the NetworkManager log more easily.

  • What are we looking for:

    • Get in touch with the Upstream (Fedora and NM)
    • Basic ML/AL and LLM knowledge is preffered.
    • Building a custom LLM which will be trained with dataset of NM and NMstate logs
    • Build TUI for score system and output
    • Write documentation
    • Python tests and CI automation
  • Notes & references:


  • Estimation
    Upstream and community bonding
    Week 2
    Knowing mentors and Project structure
    Week 3
    Basic training LLM
    Week 4
    NM and all things around + Blog per 2 week
    Week 5
    Sync up twice a week + public meeting + post updates in ML + Fedora Blog
    Eval :
    Week 6
    Project stucture and maybe some system req
    Week 7
    Generate outputs for a log
    Week 8
    Parsing of the prompts + sanitize the output + sanitize the logs
    Week 9
    Create the score system
    Week 10
    Training the dataset + finding the dataset
    Week 11
    Training the dataset
    Week 12
    Training the dataset
    Week 13
    Training the dataset
    Week 14
    Evalate training and sum the findings
    Week 15
    Final Eval

Please accept the mentor invite and also ask all others too :)

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I re-triaged this from GSoC to Outreachy. This is submitted in the Outreachy project portal, but I am keeping it pending due to a surplus in projects than what we are able to fund.

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