#133 Create and Design Icons for a Chat System
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This is a proposed project for Outreachy. Note that once this ticket is
approved you will have to register as a mentor on the Outreachy page
and enter this information again. Many of these questions are based on
the application on the Outreachy website.

  • One-line name
    --- Create and Design Icons for a Chat System

  • Short title for this internship project proposal. This should be 100 characters or less, starting with a verb like "Create", "Improve", "Extend", "Survey", "Document", etc. Assume the applicant has never heard of your technology before and keep it simple. The short title will be used in your project page URL, so keep it short.
    --- Create icons for various chat rooms on the Fedora project chat server to represent projects and teams within the Fedora project. Right now, many of the channels have no icons, or use the same Fedora logo icon, so it is difficult for users to find the space or channel they want in the user interface. Your vector illustrations will be used as icons to distinguish one channel from another and make the Fedora chat server easier to use!

  • Longer description of project
    --- The Fedora project has a matrix-based chat server hosted at chat.fedoraproject.org. This chat server has many chat rooms and spaces (which are groups of chat rooms) that represent different teams, projects, and functions in the Fedora project. It is a key component of the open source Fedora community's project-wide communication. We have a template and basic guidelines along with an initial set of 10 icons to set a standard for developing new icons. But there are many more channels and spaces that need icon designs, so over the course of 12 weeks you will be brainstorming and designing new icons, updating and expanding the existing template / icon creation guidelines, and presenting your designs to the teams that will use them and iterating your designs based on the feedback. You will gain experience in graphic design for on-screen user interfaces across desktop and mobile applications from the initial brainstorming phase to gathering and acting on feedback with stakeholders. You will also gain experience managing design assets in version control systems (we use GitLab) and working with open source tooling such as Inkscape (vector graphics), Krita (digital painting/sketching), Gimp (photo and graphic editor.) You will also be onboarded as an official member of the open source Fedora community design team and attend weekly video calls where you can get feedback from your team peers.

  • License of the project
    --- The Fedora chat icon set (except for any Fedora trademarks) is licensed CC-BY-SA 4.0.

  • Longevity (How long has the team accepted contributions)
    --- The Fedora Design Team has existed as a public open community accepting contributions to Fedora design and assets since 2005.

  • Community size
    --- The Design team has roughly 135 members in the design chat even though all are not actively contributing members. The community Fedora Design Team has a consistent core of 10-12 regular contributors.

  • How will this project benefit Fedora?
    --- By creating icons for the rooms and spaces on Fedora Element, it will help the user identify rooms at a glance instead of hitting on the wrong room several times just because they all have the fedora logo as their icon. Not only will it help save time for the user, but this project will help a designer build skills with open source programs and get involved with the community, hopefully continuing to contribute to the design team after this.

  • Sample plan of work for the 12 week internship. What are the milestones the intern should be hitting? This doesn't need to be incredibly detailed and
    can change later but there needs to be a general breakdown of tasks.
    --- Stage 1: Share quick thumbnails/sketches and ideas for all icons to generate visually appealing ideas that can be read at multiple sizes. Communicate the potential designs to the communities represented by the chat icon to receive feedback before progressing too far on concepts that won’t work.
    --- Stage 2: Download original file from repo and create files for all icons getting the base color updated for the group its in.
    --- Stage 3: Decide together how the applicant wants to work on the icons, whether that's all icons moving forward from one stage to another in tandem, or separating into groups and finalizing each group before moving onto the next.
    --- Stage 4: Start translating the thumbnails/sketches into vector art with a bezier tool, line and other shape tools and get feedback on small groups.
    --- Stage 5: Implement feedback on the group of icons, and receive a final round of feedback.
    --- Stage 6: Finalize icons and upload artwork and original files.
    --- Stage 7: Start getting the icons into Element to see how they look

  • Benefits to intern (What will the intern get out of this internship)
    --- The intern will get to interact with a friendly and enthusiastic design team, while building on their skills with open sourced vector based programs, design skills, and strong visual elements. And gaining experience and practice with an end-to-end design process widely applicable to the creation of any design asset.

  • Project website
    --- https://gitlab.com/fedora/design/team

  • Project repo
    --- Designs for Matrix Channels

  • Where can an applicant find application tasks?
    --- For the project at hand, this ticket: https://gitlab.com/fedora/design/team/logos/fedora-project-logos/-/issues/2/ has the links to all of the tasks involved. For making an initial Outreachy application contribution, applicants can also look at https://gitlab.com/fedora/design/team/requests/-/issues which is the community design team open queue, as well as https://pagure.io/fedora-badges/issues for our fedora badges design queue. Here, https://gitlab.com/fedora/design/team/logos/fedora-project-logos/-/issues, is the epic which will have each icon as individual issues.

  • IRC
    --- #design:fedoraproject.org on chat.fedoraproject.org (matrix)

  • Skills required including what level and if they are optional
    --- Inkscape Beginner/Intermediate

  • Outreachy applicants are required to make a contribution as part of the
    application. What is the process for making a contribution?
    --- They should join the fedora design chat. They can do that here: https://matrix.to/#/#design:fedoraproject.org

Questions from the top level Outreachy Program for the mentor application:
--- How long have you been contributing to the community:
I've been contributing to the Fedora community since Summer of 2020

  • What is your current role
    --- Associate Interactive Designer

  • Have you mentored for a three-month internship program before
    --- No

  • Have you read the mentor page and understand the process of being a mentor
    --- Yes

  • Are you available for 5 hours a week during the internship period
    --- Yes

  • Are you available for 5-10 hours a week during the application period
    --- Yes

  • Are you aware you need to sign a mentor contract
    --- Yes!

This looks awesome! Noting for the ticket we did some asynchronous work on the proposal in docs, so this is good to submit into the Outreachy system. The next step is for you to make an account on outreachy.org if you have yet to do so and submit your project. Once it's in there, let me know and I can give it the approval.

I would suggest reviewing their Community Guide as it gives timelines and some great tips for mentorship: https://www.outreachy.org/docs/community and specifically https://www.outreachy.org/docs/community/#avoiding-mentor-burnout-during-contribution-period

Thank you for the submission! Please let me know if you need any support or have questions throughout the process.

Hi, i would love to work on this. i message u on Gitlab but you haven't said anything yet @madelinepeck

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