#124 Improve ethtool information querying in NetworkManager using Netlink
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This is a proposed project for Outreachy. Note that once this ticket is
approved you will have to register as a mentor on the Outreachy page
and enter this information again. Many of these questions are based on
the application on the Outreachy website.

  • One-line name
    Improve ethtool information querying in NetworkManager using Netlink

  • Longer description of project
    NetworkManager is the standard Linux network configuration tool suite. It supports a large range of networking setups, from desktop to servers and mobile and integrates well with popular desktop environments and server configuration management tools.
    ethtool is used to query and control network device driver and hardware settings, particularly for wired Ethernet devices. NetworkManager queries the ethtool information from the kernel by using ioctl interface. NetworkManager should use netlink to communicate with the kernel and query that ethtool information so it will be consistent with the rest of the properties.

  • License of the project
    LGPL-2.1+ and GPL-2.0+

  • Longevity (How long has the team accepted contributions)
    18 years, since 2004.

  • Community size
    In the last year 2000~ commits were pushed to the main branch from 63 authors.

  • How will this project benefit Fedora
    Fedora is using NetworkManager by default in Workstation and Server distributions. Improving NetworkManager will mean improving Fedora network configuration too.

  • Sample plan of work for the 12 week internship. What are milestones the
    intern should be hitting?
    1-2 Week: Introduction period, the intern will understand the workflow of NetworkManager
    3-4 Week: Gather documentation from kernel about how netlink works and how ethtool is supported on kernel and design the implementation details. This step also involves the discussion of the implementation with the mentors and the community.
    4-6 Week: Start the first implementation steps, this will cover some preparation for the big code changes.
    6-8 Week: Review the first patches and start the main implementation.
    8-10 Week: Review the main implementation and do requested changes or suggestions
    10-12 Week: Last review and merge the implementation

  • Benefits to intern (What will the intern get out of this internship)
    The intern will be able to work on a system engineering project that involves networking and linux kernel communication protocols like netlink. This will allow the intern to develop their C, Linux and networking skills in addition they will experience how new features or improvements are implemented in big projects.

  • Project website

  • Project repo

  • Where can an applicant find application tasks?

  • IRC
    #nm at libera.chat and #networkmanager:matrix.org in Matrix.

  • Skills required including what level and if they are optional
    -- C beginner/intermediate
    -- Linux beginner
    -- Networking beginner

  • Outreachy applicants are required to make a contribution as part of the
    application. What is the process for making a contribution?
    The applicant should check the existing good-first-issues in our repository and open a Merge request, there is a contributing guide for newcomers

Questions from the top level Outreachy Program for the mentor application:
- How long have you been contributing to the community:
2.5 years

  • What is your current role

  • Have you mentored for a three-month internship program before

  • Have you read the mentor page and understand the process of being a mentor

  • Are you available for 5 hours a week during the internship period

  • Are you available for 5-10 hours a week during the application period

  • Are you aware you need to sign a mentor contract

This looks great! so far it's a +1 from me!

I wanted to share a few things which may not be directly relevant here

  • One of the things we want to focus on is having interns sustained as long term contributor. This is not a requirement but just the best outcome of these programs. I would request mentors to look at the fellowship duration with that perspective instead of a project deadline eye

  • It would be great if the mentees share their work on our community blog every 2-3 weeks to keep the community in loop. Since mentors are directly in contact with the mentees throughout the tenure of program, it would be great to have it communicated :)

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2 years ago

Hi @ffmancera
can you put the project in outreachy website for us to get them in system?

Hi @ffmancera
can you put the project in outreachy website for us to get them in system?

Sure, will do! Thank you!

HI @ffmancera as we prepare to participate in the next session of Outreachy, I wanted to follow up on this project idea. I see the project went into the Outreachy site, and you as a mentor- but I do not see that we had an intern participate for the project. I am not sure what happened, did you not receive applicants? Or maybe the timing didn't work out for you? I am wondering if you want to pursue the mentored project again for the upcoming round? Please let me know what you think. Thank you!

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