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Packaging for Fedora Linux is a critical community involvement. There are many ways indeed to contribute to the Fedora community and this is by far the most critical of them IMO. Fedora Linux and Platform is a constantly evolving set of packages and technologies that normally showcase some of the leading edge and new that is available to Linux users. There is a minimum capability that should be quantifiable with the use of already available resources such as fedora-review and copr as well as the ample documentation on the subject (though some is quite confusing for new comers). My proposal is to create a cloud native application that ties in the process of becoming a packager (initial steps), through use of the packaging tutorial, and the copr tutorial, using tools such as fedora-review to validate the steps are taken correctly. The new packager prospect would complete the two stages of the app to get a finalized badge that showcases their progress so far. This badge would provide the prospective packager and their potential mentor(s) an immediately recognizable confirmation they achieved a minimum level of competence that is required to become a packager. With the hope of making packaging contribution an easier process for all.
In order for this to be doable, the badges would need to be modified to provide the ability to selectively add component and effect layers (groups) to the svg template if my idea of the badge end result is to be achieved. I envision the first step of the app is to finish the packaging tutorial https://docs.fedoraproject.org/en-US/flatpak/tutorial/ which would give the user of the app a basic badge with an anvil as the first foreground element. The second step of the app is to follow the COPR repo tutorial https://docs.fedoraproject.org/en-US/quick-docs/publish-rpm-on-copr/, and the resulting badge would add another element to the foreground, a hammer and tongs on top of the anvil. Both steps would need to pass through the fedora review tool https://pagure.io/FedoraReview.

Hi @jakfrost,
Do you want to propose this project for GSoC or for outreachy?
we can work with you in refining the proposal,
but where would you host the app/tool? (just want to know if you have contacted Infrastructure folks with request for resources

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Hello @siddharthvipul1,
I wanted to propose it for Fedora, but as I am unfamiliar with either of the choices you ask about, I would leave that to the community members who decide to get involved.
As for supportive infrastructure, I do not have anything set up for serving this app. It can also be made as a stand alone app for mobile or desktop, I just felt that it fit in the cloud native area, and that it would make sense if it was Fedora-centric in the Linux world to make it part of the learning tools in Fedora community. I started with the idea awhile ago, using Quarkus since I am a Java developer, so I just went with the restful approach.
I definitely would need help with refining my proposal if the idea is felt worth pursuing, thank you for the offer!

Hello @siddharthvipul1,
Okay so to give those interested some background on this, and me, I want to start with I am turning 61 this month. I was under the impression for some years now that the GSOC and outreachy were for, well younger candidates. Not that I am against being the intern, quite the contrary it would be exciting, new, and a continuation of my learning efforts. I just am hesitant to displace someone who may need the spot more, as I can only assume there are a limited number.
Having said all that I am very interested in pursuing this idea of a new packager guide tool and think it would be a definite benefit to the Fedora community as a whole, but yes specifically to new packagers and their potential mentors more so.
Could you please offer some suggestions to how I would go about turning this into a proper proposal? Thank you for taking the time to comment on this.

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