#114 Outreachy proposal: helping the NeuroFedora SIG
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This is a proposed project for Outreachy. Note that once this ticket is
approved you will have to register as a mentor on the Outreachy page
and enter this information again. Many of these questions are based on
the application on the Outreachy website.

  • One-line name

  • Short title for this internship project proposal. This should be 100
    characters or less, starting with a verb like "Create", "Improve",
    "Extend", "Survey", "Document", etc. Assume the applicant has never
    heard of your technology before and keep it simple. The short title
    will be used in your project page URL, so keep it short.

    Extend and improve the NeuroFedora project's user consumable artefacts

  • Longer description of project

    The NeuroFedora Special Interest Group (SIG) aims to make it easier for neuroscientists to use Fedora Linux platforms for their research work. To achieve this, the SIG packages neuroscience software for use on Fedora while strictly following Fedora's packaging guidelines to ensure that these tools run correctly (which is critical since they're used in scientific research). In addition to packaging tools, to ensure that they can be used by a scientific (but not necessarily technical audience), we also provide accompanying documentation. The candidate will therefore participate in the complete workflow that we follow---from the identification of tools for inclusion, building them from source for inclusion in Fedora, testing them in the QA cycle, documenting them, and informing the scientific community of their availability on Fedora Linux platforms.

  • License of the project

    A combination of good licenses, as identified by the Fedora community here: https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/Licensing:Main?rd=Licensing#Good_Licenses

  • Longevity (How long has the team accepted contributions)

    10+ years (as long as the Fedora community exists!)

  • Community size


  • How will this project benefit Fedora

    The NeuroFedora SIG already maintains and provides about 200 packages for use in Neuroscience research. We also provide a Comp-Neuro lab image that includes commonly used tools in computational neuroscience. By increasing the package set Fedora users can use, we make the Fedora community, and all our Fedora Linux platforms an attractive tool for neuroscientists.

  • Sample plan of work for the 12 week internship. What are milestones the
    intern should be hitting? This doesn't need to be incredibly detailed and
    can change later but there needs to be a general breakdown of tasks.

    • Week 1-2: Learn the Fedora package maintainer process, and improve existing packages via pull requests to practice the workflow.
    • Week 3-5: Go over the NeuroFedora packaging queue and identify a list of tools for packaging
    • Week 6-9: Follow the Fedora package maintaining process, and submit packages for review.
    • Week 10: Follow the review process and make necessary improvements to submitted packages.
    • Week 12: Submit packages for QA, test them, update documentation.
  • Benefits to intern (What will the intern get out of this internship)

    • The candidate will learn various technical skills related to the maintenance of packages in Fedora. These include version control using Git, the complete software release life cycle, the RPM packaging system, various software build systems, and all of Fedora packaging infrastructure and tooling (rpm, fedpkg, koji, bodhi).
    • The candidate will also learn how to write technical documentation using Asciidoc and the Antora system that the Fedora community uses.
    • The candidate will attend (and chair!) the Open public meetings that the NeuroFedora SIG hosts every alternate week.
    • The candidate will learn about the neuroscience research pipeline, and improve their knowledge about neuroscience in general.
  • Project website


  • Project repo


  • Where can an applicant find application tasks?


  • IRC
    #fedora-neuro on Libera.chat (Also on Matrix/mailing lists: https://docs.fedoraproject.org/en-US/neurofedora/communicating/)

  • Skills required including what level and if they are optional
    (e.g. Python Intermediate, CSS beginner, we'll teach you Puppet)

    • some programming experience (we'll teach you about build systems and packaging and all that)
    • willingness to learn new tools (there are quite a few of them in the packaging pipeline)
  • Outreachy applicants are required to make a contribution as part of the
    application. What is the process for making a contribution?

    • Talk to us using any of our communication channels and we'll help you get started.

Questions from the top level Outreachy Program for the mentor application:

  • How long have you been contributing to the community:

    10+ years

  • What is your current role

Fedora package maintainer, Fedora proven packager, sponsor to the Fedora package maintainer team.

  • Have you mentored for a three-month internship program before

Yes (GSoC)

  • Have you read the mentor page and understand the process of being a mentor


  • Are you available for 5 hours a week during the internship period


  • Are you available for 5-10 hours a week during the application period


  • Are you aware you need to sign a mentor contract


This is great.. and I have already had a discussion with you @ankursinha
Let's get it in outreachy website
Can you apply there so I can approve?
we can also do a call to help you if needed :)
Thank you for opening this ticket

Sounds good! I'll go do that now.

We've started getting prospective applicants. In fact, because I set the required skill set to very very verrry low, we've got ~10 people contact us about this already. This is absolutely awesome!

For a start, I file a "Welcome to Fedora" ticket for everyone so they get a quick overview of how/what/why we do things. They used the "I: mentored" tag:


9 there now, but a few others who haven't created FAS accounts etc. and got back to us.

I'm very very happy that we have so many people applying, but of course, I'm worried that we'll be able to only take on one candidate (right?), but we'll cross that bridge when we get there.

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